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coffee, tea, me, and *crap* snow

I just made coffee, its still snowing outside, which its wonderful to see everything white, but my my F**'in Gee is it cold outside. 4 layers, thank you very much.

My Gaskell website should be up later tonight. Its nothing like it could be, but its only for class and I had completely limited time. And its 800x600 resolution which killed me. But the paper's going wonderfully. I might link to a copy of it. Anyone interested in reading it? lol, didn't think so.

Watched Persuasion again last night. I'm having a seriously bad junkie fix, swear to God. My rommie said she'd watch it with me tonight. wOOt!! Now THAT'S going be be exciting. (Mainly because she loaths P&P, but loved North and South.)

Alright. I'm trying my first poll! You should vote, since its totally silly.

Poll #1312226 Sexy Voice

Should I use my "sexy voice" when answering the admissions phone?

LMAO! Yes, and give me the number so I can laugh at it in person.
SO unprofessional.
meh, do what you want.
I bet you 10 bucks you won't make it through the first call without laughing.