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...they always break my heart.

Hi everyone! I hope your Christmas's were as wonderful as mine!
I totally got Guitar Hero World Tour and have already beat it on medium. Does that show I have no real life? or just a nice quite winter holiday? I also got lots of baking stuff and Price Caspian (which OMG my Ben Barnes crush is now totally founded. He is pretty. Even with the silly accent. SO pretty)

See? SO, SO ... wait, Peter's in the picture too. 0_o TOO MUCH CUTE BOY THAT WOULD-BE-KING.That movie was just had epic boy angst (certainly a level lower than the next Potter movie though). I am sad there will be no Dawn Trader.

Dr. Who was good. Much better after we realized Col. Brandon oh wait, academic doctor was um... not 12? It was funny, and sweet, and I just realized how much I miss Dr. Who when the season's over. Waiting till Easter is going to be hard. *rewatches ALL of season 4*

Dad and I went out a few days ago and got all the alcohol for my birthday. Mom and I bought the cosmo and sour apple and margarita mix today. Needless to say there is tons of vodka in the house. We only go get any every, like, 3 years so I'm not too embarrassed about it. And considering my record, I'm only gonna have 1 drink and some champagne and not be able to sleep for two days. It was only after we got home mom remembered Dad should have bought something called Southern Comfort, and I remembered I should have bough absinthe. Oy.

Does anyone else have Twitter? I know some of you do! Add me, I'll add you. Normally my updates are pretty silly...

Oh, and I thought my Moonlight friends might like to know when the season comes out. ;)
Other: irish hair

sleep time, now, please

Yep, Heather watched Ghost Hunters again. And again she was up at 3:30 freaked the f*ck out. So she watched Legends of the Fall and realized how sad/bad of a movie it really is, drank some coffee and make the whodux post for 102 The end of the world, trying her hardest to only write bullet points for the general questions. Then, because for some reason only IE would work (and I will not use it) I downloaded Safari. It and Firefox wouldn't work. Ere go, Heather restarted the computer. Now everythings working and I'm trying out Safari to see if I like it at all.

I am baking sugar cookies today. At least my brother will eat all of them so I don't have to. I think we're making independence day flags and such. (The history student is trying to get together a cool 4th of July post, but lord knows if that'll happen.) But I'm making a special batch that will look like little Tardis' for the season finale on the fifth. <3

Because I am made of fail + giggle (not really, but it sounded funny) I have dr. who finale and christmas stuff.
I really, really wouldn't follow the cut if you don't want Christmas "spoilers".

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