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notes! (minus le phantom)

1. Heather's Laptop died. On the days of Dr. Who finale. Heather SOBBED for two hours, thanked God for her external harddrive, downloaded the show on her brother's computer and watched it the next day. A long, detailed post of what I thought is coming. It hath taken me this long to get over everything.

2. The laptop is ((hopefully)) fine. It's getting the fan fixed -- which is an angry situtation since I knew it needed to be fixed, told my dad, and he was all crazy in the head about I've never told him. wTf. Other moral -- CALL DELL, HP, WHOEVER you bought your computer from and ask for the XP install disks. I bet your computer didn't come with them either, and its free, and trust me YOU WANT THOSE. I'm waiting for mine.

3. CAT scan and blood work at the hospital today. For Kidney Stones. Me don't know if I like this or not. Being up this early sucks.

4. Pepsi One has no carbs. Thank God! I had a serious sugar high last night.

5. GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL TONIGHT! And Jay and Grant were on The View yesterday. I seriously only watched it for them. They (and steve) and the coolest. 

6. Yeah, I think we're going semi-friends only for a while. See what happens.  

7. There are some journals I really really want to comment on f-list. I'm looking through it today, and doing so ;)