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anyone who touches the deathnote will see me

I think as many of you lovely friends know, I've been kinda, sorta, writing a book since the beginning of this school year. Today feels like a day where I could just write and write and write pages of it down and really get going on the actual story. But alas, I feel as though this burst of true inspiration will not last past the Heather and her roomie Dunkin Donuts breakfast. Absolutely if when I come back the other room mates and destroying the beauty of my clean house.

I'm been trying to figure out Adobe InDesign and it is going poorly. I do have good reasons why I should learn it. Really, I do, but I just am clueless where to start. And I pretty much refuse to ask for help from one of my room mates, she's just an awedul teacher.

So Deathnote movie, huh? It wasn't half bad. I've never read the manga (and really don't have any desire to) but I thought the movie interesting and not nearly as convuluted or just poor as it could have been. I did watch it subtitled instread of dubbed and I think that really helped. The acting was even very good, except for the girls. Ew, the girls. They could have had more direction than "stand there and look sad" geez.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to Spring! It's been wonderful weather-wise here the last few days, today not included. I guess I should stop stalling and either open InDesgin or start my paper. Bets on which one I do?