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sleep time, now, please

Yep, Heather watched Ghost Hunters again. And again she was up at 3:30 freaked the f*ck out. So she watched Legends of the Fall and realized how sad/bad of a movie it really is, drank some coffee and make the whodux post for 102 The end of the world, trying her hardest to only write bullet points for the general questions. Then, because for some reason only IE would work (and I will not use it) I downloaded Safari. It and Firefox wouldn't work. Ere go, Heather restarted the computer. Now everythings working and I'm trying out Safari to see if I like it at all.

I am baking sugar cookies today. At least my brother will eat all of them so I don't have to. I think we're making independence day flags and such. (The history student is trying to get together a cool 4th of July post, but lord knows if that'll happen.) But I'm making a special batch that will look like little Tardis' for the season finale on the fifth. <3

Because I am made of fail + giggle (not really, but it sounded funny) I have dr. who finale and christmas stuff.
I really, really wouldn't follow the cut if you don't want Christmas "spoilers".

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