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and i see you, up against the wall

The last two weeks have been boring. Not I-have-nothing-to-do boring, but just almost lifeless. I've had no real inspiration to do anything and there's really no place to go around here, so I've been watching lots of movies and tv shows I've already seen. I suppose I could have used that time more productively watching, say LOST or Pushing Daisies, but that thought only just came to me. What's weird is that I think its related to not having an active fandom at the moment. I know it sounds really silly, but I'm so much more productive if I'm interested in something and as much as I love Merlin, it takes every ounce of me not to download the rest of the season AND stay spoiler free, which means staying away from all the fannish comms; and while I'm um...yeah not even excited about Harry Potter. I should be, half blood prince, even for all its romantic weirdness, is one of my favorite books, but I just can't get excited. I think I might be more excited to reread the books. But that has to wait since I already have two started and one is for school and sloooooow.

Originally today I was going to play with making some new jewelery, but alas, my porcelain clay and 10th kingdom cd's both wouldn't work, so I moved on to trying to make those lovely parisan macaroons. And believe it or not, they turned out lovely! And they really weren't hard at all.
The color isn't nearly as vibrant as in real life, but I still think the picture shows how really cool they are.

I keep seeing all the book sales online and really REALLY want to have a mini book spree. I just have to find some new books I really want to read.