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omg. not dead

You would think, for the money I actually pay for this journal, I would ues it once in a while. Finally all the craziness of Senior year is calming down to a dull roar and I think I can focus on getting back to online things.

Today is the New Hamsphire Women in Higher Education Leadering Conference that I created the programs for. And its raining. I swear, whenever we do anything for the outside public on this campus is rains. Hard.

I passed my english comp last week :D There was almost no fear with the english comp though; history: I could have seriously been called out. I know my english, on the other hand. It was great. And I got to bring up Gaskell and Austen. Yippie!

I'm thinkin' this layout needs a summer revamp. But that might be way down on the to-do list. I seriously should, you know, write a resume and make a desgin website for the feelance business. Anyone have any good names?

I need to go back through my whole friends list and see who's still here. My friend's page has been lookin' mostly like communities for the last few months. I miss hearing from everyone! Then again, maybe if I posted more that wouldn't happen. Maybe we all just need a little tea party a'la Victorain England to catch up. lol
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