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Merlin, season two

Why did I wait so long to watch season two?! I'm still not over Lancelot and Guinevere. That episode made my week. I mean, how can you NOT ship these two?

They are absolutely amazing together and they looked so in love. The acting between them makes me as giddy as the Merlin/Arthur bickering. I wish Lancelot was in this season more. One episode each season is absolutely not enough love triangle. AT ALL. That whole "epically bound, forever love" was just wonderful and I got so swept up in Lacelot loving Gwen that I forgot/didn't care that Arthur loved Gwen too. And normally, I root for Arthur. (opps!) Clearly, I have not exceeded my monthy quota of angsty boys yet.

And I love how the Gwen/Arthur romance is progressing. It actually makes me root for them, you know, without completely hating Gwen in the process. This face:

how can you not want that face to have his one true love?
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