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I'm really going to try and be good today. It is definately one of those "Heather is annoyed because there's nothing to do" days. And there really is so much I can do. You never really realize how much you do on the computer -- you computer-- until you don't have it any more. So for right now, I'm down stairs, next to the cold window showing me three feet of blizzard snow, and trying to remember what type of productive I wanted to be today.

AND WHY DID I HAVE TO LOOSE ALL MY AWAY MESSAGES TOO!? *sob* The full realization of my computer mini-death is starting to hit me. Maybe that's why I just can't deal with looking at a computer right now. And this one is so impossibly slow its sick.

Hopefully, I will find something more entertaining and productive to do today. And buy me new paid account...
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