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Short on New Moon

I'm not quite sure why people are being so overwhelmingly negative about New Moon. It was infinitely better than Twilight, Taylor is a wonderful Jacob (this coming from the girl who still pictures Steven Straight when she reads the books), and IT HAS A REAL MEADOW. A REAL MEADOW people.

*Sigh* Can you tell I enjoyed it beyond rational means? Because I did. Giddy, fangirl means. And then at the end (with ya know, that semi-awful line delivery by Edward) boys in the audience yelled "What the HELL!?" And we all laughed.

My only issue, and I think this is just how it will be for the whole series, is Edward is far more human in the books. The movie has turned him into this stock angsty character of the series and its just not right. I mean, hello, Rob can actually act--I think the Remember Me trailer before the movie half proved that. I guess I'm just annoyed he didn't get to rip the plasma. lol
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