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ha! I'm not dead!

Heather has been doing absolutely NOTHING productive in leejay life in the past three months.
Heather has been sandblasted with senior course work and refuses to complain about a situation she put herself in.

But its getting better! I've read at least 10 new books in the last 2 months (history and lit) which have really changed my outlook on history and literature. Its been wonderful. But its been so demanding as well.

I know I like it to have a few silly little updates from my friends list just to know they're alive and I've been horrible not to do the same. My scrapbook even fizzled out because I couldn't keep track of everything. And when it was down to only 4 months left no less!

Its October and its snowing/raining outside of my window. I am only happy about this on some weird, writing-inspired level. But the cold can totally do without.
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