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The all out useless plan that is me reading and writing and noting today

I don't recomend reading 100 + pages a day anymore. When I get my job with a publishing company, I'll do that crap. This semester is going to be SO busy. And it hasn't even started.

I finished The Dollmaker which was 700 hundred pages of "this has to get better" but it didn't and although it was a powerful, heartbreaking, story, I still would rather have happy endings. I'm on to The Anatomy of Revolution for my history seminar, which is pretty interesting, if not slightly boring. Anytime I get to read about the American, French, and Puritan Revolutions is a good day. I have grown a little too attached to my note book for it. I started calling it Edgar yesterday and asking it how it liked its color coordination. Boy I need to get back to school and in touch with live people again. lol.

The roommates started a round table yesterday for us to talk about who's bringing what. I have replied yet. I don't even want to think about it. Case in point, the above. Most of them I haven't roomed with, but they're all really great girls, so I'm not worried about how its going to go, I'm more worried about how clean the apartment will stay. I'll just hide upstairs in my room if it gets too bad, lol.

Being Human is on tonight! What am I going to do when I don't have bbcAmerica anymore? Cry. And then find the episode somewhere.
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