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then suddenly it changes

alovelyfix I'm SO glad you're back! I'm glad you had a fabulous time, but (and I hope this doesn't sound weird) I've missed you and your tumblr and lejay posts. Creepy stalkerish moment over. :)

THIS showed up last night. I'm sure everyone on my lj has seen me posting it in other places, but I'm posting it again because it is Ben Barnes and Colin Firth and it looks quite awesome, and its BEN BARNES.

I've officially read 200 pages in The Dollmaker and the book just makes me frustrated and sad. I'm demanding myself to read 100 pages for the next 4 days to be done with the book. Because then I have to go on and get my books for my senior history seminar. Which is the American Revolution verse the French Revolution. SOMEONE LOVES ME. Because this, this topic will either make or break me going to grad school for history. At the moment I have more settled on English. However, one job offer from these guys and I might forgo 3 more years of college for a while. While I'm on the subject, does anyone have any suggestions for really great grad programs in victorian or georgian literature? I have a few picked out, but I thought I'd ask my all-knowing lejay too.
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