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Pic spam: Secret of Moonacre

I'm just totally in love with the look of this movie.

Go to the bottom if you want SUPER high res in a zip file!

These pictures are just so lovely. I can't wait to see the movie. The costumes and sets have an imagination and fantasy to them I haven't seen in ages. And the cast is just stellar. Now, since I haven't read the book, have yet to see the movie, and can't find any quotes or excerpts of the book anywhere, you're going to get my horrible, absolutely NOT canon, movie synopsis with these pictures. Ignore if you'd like.

(These ones are small in file size, but I've played with the colors on them. Click for larger image.)

The Secret of Moonacre

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Queen who was with child. The King wasn't that bad either, even though he needed a hair cut.

The King and the Queen of this world, which is just a little left of our own, wished to celebrate the coming birth of their child, the next moon princess, but little did they know, that the evil Coeur De Noir was plotting against the great household. Unaware of his vengeful hatred, the King and Queen invited him to the celebration, where he gave the queen a special, ominous gift.

"Thank you, my lord. The Queen said tightly. She knew, what the King did not. Her baby would be killed by Coeur De Noir as soon as the young princess took her first breath.

The Queen could not see her beautiful child, and possibly the kingdom's only hope for prosperity killed, so she devised a plan with the King. The child must be stolen away for safe keeping, where Coeur De Noir would never be able to kill her until she was able to fight back.

The moment the child was born, the King stole away with her in the dead of night to the valley of Moonacre which boarders the great kingdom and some shire in England, because "left of our own world" generally means somewhere in the UK. Then, because the King knew De Noir was following him, he had the Queen's helpful, older, maid servant take her to London, to the King's brother for her to be raised. He sent with the maid a necklace for the baby from its mother and him. The King however, remained at Moonacre to protect the mugglelands from the villainous De Noir.

Many years past, and the young girl, who the King's brother named Maria, returns to Moonacre because he has passed away and she has nowhere else to go.

As you can see, she is elated about this. But the Queen's ever-watchful servant, now called Miss Heliotrope, returns with her.

Maria is taken to her room where she will learn all the secrets of being a moon princess and can't believe there's no carpeting. But there is a beautiful book waiting on her bed for her.

After she has settled in Miss Heliotrope takes her to meet her father's brother, Sir Benjamin. Maria takes the book with her because it is in a different language that she can read.

Her father, who is overjoyed to see his beautiful daughter, is not amused that someone has given up the possible secrets of Moonacre so soon. He takes the book from Maria and tells her its nonsense and to go play.

So she finds things to amuse herself. Like her pet bunny Sir Randy Cheeks. Hey, I didn't name him.

While playing, she finds a large door with writing that she can read, but isn't in any language she knows. She goes to touch it, and gets a shock, the lock on the door clicking heavily. (Note the necklace)

She runs away, worried her uncle's going to take away Sir Randy Cheeks for messing with the weird crap all over the place again.

Meanwhile, the Queen has come for her daughter, who she hears is finally with her father. Lustful pawing ensues.

"I've missed you so, the King said breathlessly, holding his beloved close. Is she ready? The Queen returned. No. She knows nothing of Moonacre. The Queen pushes away, What. The. Hell.

There's no talking to her in this type of state, so the King leaves her to to be angry.

He retires to his own Rochester inspired room with a fireplace and thinks if he has doomed his daughter.

After the Queen returns to her Kingdom, the King realizes he must tell his daughter. So they go for a ride to tell her everything. However, in being the resourceful heroine, Maria found the book her father took away from her and read it: she already knows she is the Moon Princess and must bring prosperity to her people. Kids today.

Both the King and Queen failed to realized that De Noir is still waiting for the Moon Princess. While Maria steals away into the forest. Okay, wanders away from her father and only form of transportation in the woods, De Noir sends his band of gypsies to grab her.

After they catch her, the boys take her back to their makeshift camp for the night.

While there, the leader of the gypsies, and De Noir's own son Robin falls for the girl and lets her go.

" All I can do is let you go, maybe give you an hour's lead South back to Moonacre. After that, I'll have to follow you. Please stay safe. Be Smart. Go.

Back at Moonacre, the King and Queen are morning the loss of their only daughter, who De Noir has surely found and killed in the forest. But Maria returns, and before they can even hug and yell at her "never to do anything like that again!" she takes her necklace and announces she is the last Moon Princess and will protect her people who she's never met from the villainous De Noir (it was all in the book) and goes all starlight shiny in the middle of the night.

Reunited with her mother and father, and now really a princess, Maria stays at Moonacre, to do as her father has done: protect the boundary between the worlds. And waits for De Noir's next move.

The End even though its a bad one.

The original color pictures are still amazing also. Here are two examples of the images:

Here's a high res sample:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

And here's the zip file. (23 images in all. mediafire. xx --> tt)


I do have some more images from the movie, please just comment if you would like those too. Please tell me if I need to re-upload.

See icons from Moonacre?

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