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Scrapbook 2009
Other: irish hair

First off, welcome to my online scrapbook for 2009! This, is the only real New Year's resolution -- well, other than write more -- to keep an documented, monthly, history of 2009. Of course, it will start off rather empty; but hopefully as the months go by it will become and awesome little place. Please feel free to look around and tell me what you think. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Book List || Movie/TV List || Monthly Mixes || Quotes & Statuses || Best Icons

default icons

Alcarin by loish. This icon was mine for a long time in 2008, and I'm just not ready to give it up yet. I kinda think my DI is like my identity; and I love this identity.
Because I'm still totally in love with Prince Caspian. And even though Susan "looses" in the end, she still rocks pretty hard.
Because who doesn't love Margaret and Thornton?
April Let's face it, if you can't have Mr. Darcy, you totally want Capt. Wentworth. He's this month's icon because I love the expression on his face and this icon. I still think its one of my best. May I've returned to January's icon. Even though I've changed it here, I've really been on something of a hiatus and I didn't see the point. That, and I adore this icon.

June I'm spreading the labby love this month of June! I just adore the ballroom scene in Labyrinth. And it is one of my favorite movies of all time after all. July Since its the middle of summer, I think a very summery icon is appropriate. This one features Kristen Dunst in Marie Antoinette, one of the best icon-making movies EVER. August I completely refuse to let summer leave and so I am keeping last month's icon and keeping it. Hopefully, it will help me hold on to summer for just one more month.

elle jay layouts

Layout by riverdale. This layout rang in the new year and I just loved its clean lines and colors. It was the first real layout without a sidebar for me. Dec 08 - April 09.
New layout! By minty_peach I loved the black and white of this layout. April 09- .

Layout by minty_peach again. I just love her layouts. I needed a change and I really liked all the special detailing that makes this layout.
Layout out by [Unknown LJ tag]

Mood themes

Margaret & Thornton by crackified. Dec '08 - . Because who doesn't adore N&S?


top fives

Fandom: Narnia
Movie: Repo! The Genetic Opera
Song: "Shine" Chris Danes Owens
Other: Wuthering Heights (2009)
Fandom: Supernatural/Paranormal State
Movie: The Watchmen
Song: Just Dance, Lady GaGa
Crush: Jared Padalecki
Other: Dunkin' Donuts Coffee (X cream and 2 splendas
Fandom: Paranormal State
Movie: Twilight, Penelope
Song: Love Story - Taylor Swift
Crush: Richard, Legend of the Seeker
Other: Legend of the Seeker!
Fandom: Meh. Not this month
Movie: WALL*E
Song: Les Mis Soundtrack
Crush: Vin Diesl - Riddick movies
Fandom: Legend of the Seeker
Movie: Star Trek
Song: Love, Sex and Magic - Ciara
Crush: A jumble
Other: COLDPLAY concert!
Fandom: Merlin
Movie: Angels and Demons
Song: I can't hold back - Survivor
Crush: Bradley James, Colin Morgan, James D'Arcy
Other: Independence Hall Volunteering & trip to Lakehouse
Fandom: Merlin/Desperate Romantics/Being Human
Movie: Paris Je t'amie
Song: Lovegame- Lady Gaga
Crush: Richard Armitage, Ben Barnes
Other: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

book list

January - none. DON'T JUDGE
001. King Lear - Shakespeare
002. The Kingdom of Matthias - Johnson & Wilentz
003. Tartuffe - Moliere
004. Death of an Overseer
005. Sleuthing the Alamo
006. Gender in History
007. The Lady and the Unicorn
008. Full Moon Rising
009. Sunshine
010. Kissing sin
011. Dangerous Games
o12. The Dollmaker

movies/mini series/tv seasons

001. 39 Steps
002. The Seeker: The Darkness is Rising
003. In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
004. 12 Monkey's
005. Tess of the D'Urbervilles
006. The Jane Austen Book Club
007. The Waterhorse: Legend of the Deep
008. Hot Fuzz
009. Dr. Zhivago
010. Wuthering Heights (2009)
011. Friday the 13th
012. The Watchmen
013. The Crime of Padre Binito
014. The Visitation
015. Saw II
016. Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
017. Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus
018. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
019. Love in the Time of Cholera
020. Penelope
021. Nim's Island
022. Atonement
023. Goya's Ghost
024. The Painted Vail
025. Duplicity
026. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
027. Bella
028. Death Note
029. Truman Show
030. Swept from the Sea
031. Lost Boys
032. Elizabeth
033. A Clockwork Orange
034. Factory Girl
035. SWEETland
036. WALL*E
037. Pitch Black
038. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
039. The Dark Knight
040. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
041. Star Trek
042. The Nanny Diaries
043. Meet the Spartans
044. Chapter 27
045. Grey Gardens
046. Love and other Disasters
047. Awake
048. Mall Cop
049. Grand Torino
050. The Last Legion
051. Skin Walkers
052. Horton Hears a Who
053. Brideshead Revisited
054. Fools Gold
055. Babylon AD
056. Prey
057. The Governess
058. Knowing
059. The Day the Earth Stood Still
060. Paris Je T'aime
061. Eagle Eye
062. Marie Lloyd

monthly mixes

This one Started in June, after seeing it at the lovely _juliettinha_'s Scrapbook '09

Poker Face
Break the Ice (Rock Remix)
Love Sex Magic
Viva La Vida
Lost! +
Life in technicolor ii
Violet Hill
Lovers in Japan
My life would suck without you

I can't hold back
Down with the Sickness
10,000 fists in the Air
Night over London

quotes/twitter/f-book statuses

OMGOMGOMGOMG did jake just change MIDAIR?!?!?! omgomgomgomgomg9:44 PM May 31st from web twitter

okay, so my fact-finding mission just became 10 minutes of rabid fangirling. *fail*7:03 PM May 28th from web twitter

well at least he's more mablesque now http://bit.ly/17cw227:46 PM May 27th from web twitter

someone asked if I was on nervous pills. I replied, "apocalypse disorder".10:40 AM May 21st from web twitter

best icons by me

February - none
March- none
April- none

& anything else
Here is where links to random things will be posted: images, events, thoughts on the month will go ;)

The 11th Doctor Let's just hope they cute him up a bit.
My 21st Birthday picspam
In The Morning: A North and South short Fanfic. It's wonderful, so sweet. I really recommend.
Packed Clouds Away - a blog I started about period and fantasies.
Epic cute boy pic spam
Sunshine review by me. About a fabulously underread book.


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Yay! I did this last year, but I'm just doing "Movies/Books in '09" this time because this was a little hard to keep up with. I love the layout you've got, and the f-book status idea is awesome (: Happy new year, sweetie!

Thanks! Really, inspiration came from yours. ;)
I'm hoping I can keep it up. Really hoping, but watch, in two weeks I'll be over it too. oy.

Happy new year!

Aw, fun. I'm glad I was inspiring! Haha.
Yours is so nice, it makes me want to do one again. Maybe I'll try again..

I've just found your scrapbook through 2009_scrapbook, and just wanted to say it's so pretty! I specially like the "top5" section, it's a brilliant idea :)

Thanks so much! I had lots of much making it, that's for sure.

I adore you lj layout so clean and simple and I might have to steal the "monthly mixes." That is just some kind of fabulous.

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