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I just want to go to bed. 6:30 am no longer agrees with me.
And someone's over so mom and I have bro's downstairs room tonight. Sheets-full-of-crumbs and all. At least I called off card playing at 9:30. Woman couldn't take a hint, like not even subtle -- hit you like a truck subtle even. Did that make sense?

And I heard Rupert Penry-Jones is shirtless in some new BBC show. You can't tell me that and not have a download link. Now I won't be able to rest till I find the pictures and a download.

PS. New icon = LOVE. Actually, I added a lot of new icons today. Mostly Narnia related. (I've yet to find truly perfect Ben Barnes ones though)
Tags: family, narnia, rupert penry-jones, sleep
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