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kick insomnia's butt

I think this is the third week... yeah third week in a row i just haven't been sleeping well. I either can't get to sleep and am up till 2 or 3, or I wake up at like 3:30 in the morning and can't go back to sleep. Alright, I admit that I creep myself out in the dark when I wake up, but still. I really do like sleep. I have fun sleeping. And I think my mom's getting sick of my Dad and I never turning the lights out during the night because one of us is always up. Maybe I'll really sit down today and write my Washing application essay. I bet that's not helping my subconscious. (Yeah, because writing that emotional rant you never posted helped you out so much too... ((lol)) )

New Harry Potter Trailer! THAT Mr. R. Pattz is how one looks menacing, whilst seriously battling inner demons, on screen. And he's 15 years younger than you! This further proves to me Hardwicke is half-baked from something. OMG it was SUCH a happy squee fest to see that yesterday.

If you haven't seen Girls Next Door, this is my favorite one. They're all fabulous, but I giggled so hard at owl!Jareth. Short Summary: Christine (Phantom) and Sarah (Labby) live together in an apartment under/above Jareth, Erik, Norrington, and that bad guy from Les Mis.

Major Idea of semi-coolness. My wonderful flist. You have shown many, many times over just how talented we all are. I think we should get together and do a craft make/share/sell blog! Just think of all the fabulousness!
Tags: gnd, harry potter, insomnia, labyrinth, randomness

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