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A little bit different

Going private.

I've been on livejournal for a very long time and have really failed to use it properly. So, since I have the official blog, twitter, and tumblr pages, I've decided to turn this into a private achieve for my writing, more personal questions, and other things. It's going to act more like a hub than a journal, let's just say.

What does this mean?
Nothing really. If I'm friends with you, I'm not defriending you; however, I'll understand if you don't want to stay friends with me. Am I adding people? Only if you comment below on this post will I be friending people. Am I going back and making all old entries private? Probably not.

I know I've done this before, and I bet I'll think to change my mind, but hopefully this will actually faciliate me using something I pay 25 dollars a year for.
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Book recs

I get to buy books!!

Other than City of Ashes I don't know what to get. Does anyone have any recomendations for me? Anything amazing I haven't read yet? I'm open to reading anything right now, so let me know!

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omg. not dead

You would think, for the money I actually pay for this journal, I would ues it once in a while. Finally all the craziness of Senior year is calming down to a dull roar and I think I can focus on getting back to online things.

Today is the New Hamsphire Women in Higher Education Leadering Conference that I created the programs for. And its raining. I swear, whenever we do anything for the outside public on this campus is rains. Hard.

I passed my english comp last week :D There was almost no fear with the english comp though; history: I could have seriously been called out. I know my english, on the other hand. It was great. And I got to bring up Gaskell and Austen. Yippie!

I'm thinkin' this layout needs a summer revamp. But that might be way down on the to-do list. I seriously should, you know, write a resume and make a desgin website for the feelance business. Anyone have any good names?

I need to go back through my whole friends list and see who's still here. My friend's page has been lookin' mostly like communities for the last few months. I miss hearing from everyone! Then again, maybe if I posted more that wouldn't happen. Maybe we all just need a little tea party a'la Victorain England to catch up. lol
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Merlin, again

The Season Finale was absolutely awesome. That whole Merlin plot line was awesome. The last bit with the dragon? AWESOME.

Is it time for season 3 yet?

PS- I need more Merlin icons.
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Merlin, season two

Why did I wait so long to watch season two?! I'm still not over Lancelot and Guinevere. That episode made my week. I mean, how can you NOT ship these two?

They are absolutely amazing together and they looked so in love. The acting between them makes me as giddy as the Merlin/Arthur bickering. I wish Lancelot was in this season more. One episode each season is absolutely not enough love triangle. AT ALL. That whole "epically bound, forever love" was just wonderful and I got so swept up in Lacelot loving Gwen that I forgot/didn't care that Arthur loved Gwen too. And normally, I root for Arthur. (opps!) Clearly, I have not exceeded my monthy quota of angsty boys yet.

And I love how the Gwen/Arthur romance is progressing. It actually makes me root for them, you know, without completely hating Gwen in the process. This face:

how can you not want that face to have his one true love?
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Christmas Break

Merry almost end of break! (I know, that was lame.) I hope everyone had sincerely wonderful holiday breaks. You all deserved some serious wonder this season.

Christmas Break, despite my grand lack of updating, was wonderful. There's been quiet a lot of snow out here which is beautiful (ingore the fact I normally can't stand it) and I've been blissfully between doing nothing and doing something.  

Mom and I watched seasons one and two of Mad Men. I'm pretty sure Mom's more hooked than I am. It was really nice to just stay up till two with your mom watching some throughly amazing tv. I still don't get how she can dislike Don and Pete, but think Roger and Salvator are amazing. I need to get on finding season three for us to watch. Next is True Blood,  which mom wants to watch too. I think I'd rather go back to Mad Men. There's almost too much naked in True Blood to want to watch it with your mom. 

The family finally watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last night. And thank God I didn't re-read that book before I saw the movie. I think my head would have exploded. Instead, I really enjoyed it, although it seemed SUPER slow, and was so exicted we're almost at my favorite part. Nothing is better than the Deathly Hallows. The main problem I have is that now Harry Potter-verse is naggin at me. I'm trying valantly to NOT start reading any fanfiction, but I think its a lost cause.
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updating the update

IIIIII should really REALLY write a todo list. Like, watch season 2 of Merlin, WRITE something, read the comp book...

heh. Now I remember why I'm not making that list...stupid comp book...

The computer is almost completely up and running. Just have to load Word and aim and its back! (minus photoshop, *sob*)

I feel like I should redo my icons. But everytime I do, I only delete two and then don't know which ones to add becuse there are so many. OY.
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crisis averted

Haha! The computer is back  online folks! And even though I lost all my favorites. Like, serious tons, and some fabulous away messages, I can't complain. At least its alive and kicking. And my Norton Antivirus doesn't need a double payment update. AND I renewed my paid account today too.

Gee, that was a lot of things to happen in the last 24 hours for me. I think I will happy-dance and little more, load the WORD suite onto the computer and maybe get a little writting done tonight. I don't know how I can be more productive than this.
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I'm really going to try and be good today. It is definately one of those "Heather is annoyed because there's nothing to do" days. And there really is so much I can do. You never really realize how much you do on the computer -- you computer-- until you don't have it any more. So for right now, I'm down stairs, next to the cold window showing me three feet of blizzard snow, and trying to remember what type of productive I wanted to be today.

AND WHY DID I HAVE TO LOOSE ALL MY AWAY MESSAGES TOO!? *sob* The full realization of my computer mini-death is starting to hit me. Maybe that's why I just can't deal with looking at a computer right now. And this one is so impossibly slow its sick.

Hopefully, I will find something more entertaining and productive to do today. And buy me new paid account...
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