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New layout

Well as you can notice (for those who still stumble accross this LJ) I made a new layout for this LJ. Nothing revolutionnary, as I suck with LJ coding, but I changed the image nevertheless. Features some of my favourite actors : Pierce Brosnan, worldwide known as James Bond of course, Ewan McGregor of course, Joaquin Phoenix, recently (re)discovered with his awesome role as Johnny Cash in "Walk the Line" and Sean sexy Bean, bad evil scientist in "The Island" and devoted husband in "North Country" (L'affaire Josey Aimes) and "Silent Hill". All with a cigarette, because smoking men are love.

Anyway, nothing new. Life goes on quite smoothly, a little boring but I'm not complaining. The sun is shining and my life is full of projects. For the first time since a long time, I'm very peaceful. I feel whole and complete. I'm happy.
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