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Hello world

Well I was coming here with the clear intention of writing something, but now that I'm here, I can't remember what I wanted to say XD
It must be this yearning for this something I can't put my finger on. Lately, I've been craving for something, but I can't say what, and it's very frustrating. I want to write, to talk, to express myself, but I have nothing to talk about, I just want to babble about anything and nothing. There were some days where I said nothing because I had no one to talk with, and lately, as it's the holidays, I met my friends on many occasions last week. It was weird, at first, being surrounded by people, laughing with them, being asked how you were, feeling cared. But Force, how I felt warm, loved, fuzzy inside, happy...! It was pure bliss, just being there, seated on this café terrasse in the warm spring sun, with the people I love and care. I had almost forgotten this feeling. I was used to being alone, only counting on myself, shielding myself from the others, because everything I received was hurt. There's nothing better than friends, real and close ones, to rebuild one's self confidence. So I decided to put all my trust in them, trust them for making me love people again. So that I can, one day, be able to love someone again.
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