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A new beginning

I have decided to convert this LJ into an english journal, after the failure of the RPG it was first destined to be.
I already have a french blog, but I wanted to write in english. I know I still make a lot of mistakes, but well, it's a good way to improve myself !
Moreover, it would be a good way to discover this great tool that is LJ. So many people use it around me, I wanted to try it too.

Nice day today, the sun shines (almost) and everything's alright. First day since the beginning of school term that I actually enjoy going to class. Don't know why, since the beginning, I've always hated these people, they are so hypocrites, laughing when they are altogether and despising everyone after. But well, somehow, I actually enjoyed being with some of them. There are a few who are fun to hang out with, just to spend the time between each class. It makes my everyday less tough, I think.
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