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Girlz just wanna have fun !

Musicalement :

1. Quel instrument aimerais-tu être?
A piano, without hesitation.

2. Et lequel aimerais-tu apprendre?
Piano too. Piano rulz my life :p

3. Quelle est la chanson de ta vie?
Er...Eyes on Me by Faye Wong used to move me soo much ! I love When I Look In Your Eyes by Diana Krall, too. Luv' the lyrics in fact, for me it's the perfect love song. But Come What May definitely reflects many aspects of my personnality. Well anyway my love for Ewan McGregor at least XD

4. Une musique ( = sans paroles) qui te trouble?
"The Sixth Station" ("Le Sixième Arrêt") by Joe Hisaishi, for the movie "Spirited Away". Once I was walking in the street with this track on my MP3 player, and suddenly I broke into tears, I didn't even know why. The same thing with "Weather Storm" by Craig Armstrong, piano version. (yeah Tomoyo, Craig Armstrong rulz !)

5. Une chanson qui te rend triste?
Well I must say that there are more instrumental songs than lyrical songs that can move me. But if I'd pick one, it would be "Crucify My Love" by X Japan.

6. Une chanson qui te colle la pêche?
Huhu, without hesitation, "I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt" by Right Said Fred !

7. Un groupe du matin?
Iggy Pop & The Stooges...Razorlight...Bloc Party...rock rulz anyway !

8. Un groupe du soir?
First thing that came to my mind, don't even ask why : Massive Attack.

Ça se lit :

1. Un livre qui a changé la vision que tu avais sur certaines choses?
Well it must seems quite er... misplaced but I admit : Hell by Lolita Pille

2. Un auteur philosophique?
Hum perharps Pascal...or Nietzche. No idea.

3. Le personnage de bande dessinée qui te ressemble le plus?
Hum don't read comics either. 'Can't really think of one.

4. Et ton père en BD, c'est qui?
Perharps a mix between "Bidochon" and "Batman". Yes, that must exist :p

5. Et ta mère tant qu'à faire?
Er...I was thinking of Gaston Lagaf's girlfriend, don't remember her name.

Mais encore ?

1. Quel est le sentiment qui te rend dingue?
Intolerance. Yep, definitely.

2. Une description de la personne qui t'attire en ce moment?
I'm too shameful to tell. My boyfriend doesn't attract me, as I'm already and hopelessly in love with him. So he doesn't attract me, he has me already. :p Well, of course, Ewan McGregor doesn't count in this one XD

3. Une description de la dernière personne appréciable que tu aies rencontré?
Aww, it has been such a long time since I last saw a friend of mine ! It was so cool, he's still so damn funny, and gentle, I've missed him so much !

4. Une petite description d'une personne insupportable?

5. Un métier qui te dit bien?
Interior designer ! Or writer would be perfect. Computer graphics expert perharps (infographiste).

6. Ton mariage (si ca devait se faire), tu l'imagines comment?
Something quite small...a beautiful dress, my best friends and family, a great party, and a dance with my husband on "Come What May"...Naah, skip the "Come What May" bit, you're gonna think I'm definitely nuts XD

7. Et ta maison?
Lot of glass and light, very modern, pop-art everywhere, and photos in B&W of celebrities (guess who ? XD) and movies. Mix of steel and wood...Oh, and a japanese garden !

8. Un animal de compagnie?
A little kitten...white, with a lot of fur u_u

9. Combien de gosses? Comment les imagines-tu? Et quels prénoms leur donnerais tu?
Two. A girl (Anya f'course or perharps Jade, something very sweet to pronounce...or very weird like Nemesis or Gaia) and a boy (well you're gonna beat me if I say something like Daniel, or - no, not Ewan XD... in fact I was thinking of Lucas or Matthieu)

10. Fais toi plaisir toi aussi, et choisis quelques victimes pour ce test absolument pourrave :
Hey, if you read this, Emma, you have to do this, I'm sure it will cheer you up a little ^^ If not well, feel free to do it, it's very relaxing ^^

Quizz stolen to Tomoyo, thanks to her I've filled my boredom at 02.51 AM ! XD
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