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I miss him.

I miss my friends too. Hopefully I'll see them later this week, but it seems to be a long way until saturday ! Well anyway, nothing to complain about, same day, same program...A little - very - boring, but it's better than nothing. Lately, I've been interested in finding all the films with Ewan McGregor I could. Now I have "Trainspotting", "Moulin Rouge !", "Star Wars Ep.I", "Big Fish", "Down With Love", "Emma", "The Pillow Book" and I bought "Young Adam" yesterday. Very strange film by the way, but I quite liked it. There wasn't a very complex story to follow, but the characters were fascinating. They all seemed to be haunted by a sort of ghost, it was very sad and quite frightening at the same time. Ewan was particularly astounding as Joe, the associal pervert murderer. In fact, he hadn't much things to say, but we could read so many things in his eyes, it was very disturbing...Another role for which he fitted perfectly. I think the more films with him I watch, the more I admire this actor. I mean, he's so fascinating ! I love the way he acts, his smile, his Scottish accent, his voice, his presence well, and so many things I could follow on and on forever.

I know it's just some ramblings, and it's the second time I post to say nothing, mainly about Ewan...I guess I just miss someone I could talk freely to...
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