August 29th, 2005

Holic nya

Victim of a foolish heart

I like listening to piano music...Craig Armstrong's piano, exactly. Because when I'm sad it helps me putting words on things I have on my mind that can't go out without having me crying. I'd like to have someone by my side at this moment. I need someone I can talk to. I can't take anymore my parents' arguments and I miss my friends so much. I miss laughing for nothing, not caring about anything. I'm...tired of always playing the all-grown mature girl with responsability. I know I'm still a child somewhere and I'd like to enjoy the most beautiful part of my life, even if I know the time of innocence has gone since a long time. But I'd like to keep the illusion just a little more...

I miss being me, simply me. It's tiring being someone else, even if you know this someone else is more loved than yourself.

I miss crying because it shows my weakness and so my real personnality. I'd like to see my best friend, he's totally depressed lately and it's worrying me to no point. I miss...him, to, even if I yelled at him five minutes ago. I guess it's because he's the only person left I can be myself with. And the pression suddenly explodes and then, well...I feel so miserable for getting angry at him.
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    Diana Krall - Almost Blue