June 21st, 2005

Holic nya

Ewan McGregor rules my life !!!

Another layout already, as you can see. I quite liked the one with Hayden, especially the little Tart Vader, but I knew that I was more a Ewan fan than a Hayden one. Since I saw "Moulin Rouge !" I was completely mesmerized by his play as an actor, but also by his vocal performance that is beyond amazing and not to forget that he's simply gorgeous, with his clear blue eyes and his shining smile...! And then I also saw Brassed Off (Les Virtuoses) in class and it confirmed my thought about Ewan's real talent. I was really really happy to discover his presence in the Star Wars prequels, he really made a good team with Liam Neeson in The Phantom Menace as a young and energetic padawan. But I was eager to see him in a more mature role, a role in which he would be the center of any attention. And I got it the day I saw Big Fish. The story is quite wonderful, with Tim Burton directing it's not very surprising, but Ewan's very presence gives a special atmosphere about this film...I wouldn't be able to explain it in another way that he really gives life to the character he's playing, no matter how surreal this character seems.
Lately, with my Star Wars phase that doesn't seem to come to an end, I wanted to learn more about this actor, and I must admit that the more I learned about him, the more I got attached to him. He simply is a fascinating person by himself. Well the paradox is that he's incredibly simple, in spite of everything he's living. I mean, he is famous, known all around the world. He appeared in a saga that is adored and considered as a legend by millions of people, plays with the most famous actors and actresses of this century...And well, he's a very very attractive man, which helps a lot when you're making the cover of thousands of magazines. And in spite it all he's the total contrary of these "Hollywood Stars" that are making a fuss about anything. He cares very little about his image -sincerely, he's the first actor I see that curses so much while speaking - he just seems to consider all this as a game...! And well that's what makes him be all the more charming to me...He drinks, smokes, talks freely about sex, jokes a lot and easily about himself, well he doesn't seem to take himself seriously and that's what I admire most, I think. In this society of appearances, there are still some people who dare to be "true"...it's something I wish I would have the courage to do too...
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