April 15th, 2005

Holic nya


I was just wondering...I visited some blogs, and they are all the same, talking about their pain, their difficulties in life, the fact that they are bored, the fear that they won't make anything of their life...
It's quite scaring isn't it ? So many young people, they haven't even finished their schooling and yet, they don't have any hope for the future. No dreams, no illusions, no projects...They are all aware that the society is cruel, that life is a gift but also a fight for everyday. And they don't wanna fight. Fight for what ? Fight for an ideal life, with a home, a family and a dog running in the garden ? Fight for success, money, travels, and countless sexual affairs ? But it doesn't exist anymore, you only see that in movies. Today, you have to deal with the family, and the countless sexual affairs during your travels, and it doesn't obviously mean that you'll have the money.

Everything today, is just a matter of power. You don't have power, so you don't have a proper social status, so you don't have money nor respect. You're nothing. You don't matter to the society. We are so many, how on earth could you make a difference ? And supposing you have power, does that mean you're happy ? Of course not. And yet, imagining you're happy, you have succeed in having a nice wife/husband, two children and dog with garden, but that you're a total anonymity to the eye of the world, could you say that you're life had not been meaningless ? Of course, you make the happiness of your family, but everyone, one day, dies, and so your family. And no one will remember you anymore. So my question is, knowing that, these young people, having been nourished with romantic and imposing ideas from movies and medias all along their childhood, how can they see a point in living ? If it's not for beeing recognized, not for becoming famous, what else can they do ?
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