April 14th, 2005

Holic nya

And then...

Everything changed. I don't know how the "I-actually-quite-enjoy-going-to-school" stuff developed into "I-love-going-to-school-coz'-I'll-see-my-Bfriend-there." Everything changed so quickly ! One day you'll be working on a very boring assigment about the laws in a company with a classmate, and the other, here you are, going out with him ! It's true that we knew each other since the beginning of the year, but I would have never, never thought of going out with him ! Life's weird sometimes, isn't it ?
Tomorrow will be a week since the beginning of our relationship, but I have the impression that it makes at least a month. Good impression or not ?
It's true that this week has been vacations, so we haven't seen each other except once. Perharps that's why time doesn't seem to pass quickly...I miss him so much.

I wonder how it happened...I was known for not wanting a relationship, I said that it was a freedom-killer, and everyone knew that Bridget Jones was somehow my guru. Even him knew it, and was afraid to be rejected because of that. So why did I yield ? Does it mean that I love him ?

Anyway, how do you know that you love someone ? Is there any precise definition of Love ? Why do you have to engage yourself in a relationship to realise that it will be a failure ? Isn't there a way of knowing it before being hurt ? And if you daren't do it, how do you know that you have done the wrong choice that you'll regret for the rest of your life ?

He said to me not to worry about all this stuff, just to live the present instant without asking myself too many questions. I guess he's right after all, everything that I'll do is to spoil these precious moments with him. But somewhere, I know I just can't prevent myself from having doubts...
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