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This is an icon and graphics journal. You must credit, and save everything to your own server. DIRECT-LINKING IS FROWNED UPON HERE. No stealing, etc, etc, and all that good junk. I've made a list of frequently asked questions about my journal, if you are curious about something. PLEASE READ IT THOROUGHLY BEFORE USING MY GRAPHICS/ASKING A QUESTION!!

Oh, and if you would like to affiliate, comment here!

How do I credit?
Crediting is a must. To credit for graphics that aren't icons, simply put the phrase "My header/fo banner/wallpaper/layout etc, was made by _love_spell" in the bio section of your user info. For icons, you must credit in ICON KEYWORDS ONLY [not journal entries, not user infos, keywords] Here's the exact way you should do it:

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
An idea taken from chickenflicker

What does 'no hotlinking mean?' What is it?
Direct linking is where you right-click on a graphic and copy and paste the URL it gives you, and then using the URL in an IMG tag so you can post it somewhere. Or use the URL for your journals header, etc. This is bad because photobucket only allows you to do that a certain number of times before you go over the limit and your icons don't show up. If you ever see the picture "BANDWITH EXCEEDED" anywhere, it means too many people were too lazy to get their own photobucket and use their own URLS so they used the icon makers. Photobucket isn't that generous when it comes to the amount of times it allows you to do that. [or in other words, how much bandwith you use] So when you you use my URLS for instance, it's what you call 'stealing bandwith' And I don't have alot of that to go around ;]

How do I upload something to my own server?
Right click on the image you want, and SAVE it to your computer. Then get a photobucket, [or if you don't want an account, you can go to tinypic.com or imageshack] and upload it there. You now have your own img tag that you can post anywhere you want without stealing someones bandwith.

Can you make me a header or an icon?
PLEASE don't request ANYTHING unless I make a post specifying that I'm taking requests. I don't have time to constantly be taking requests. There are a million other requesting communities to go to.

Can I use you graphics on deadjournal, greatest journal, xanga etc?
I really don't have a problem with you using them on a different website other than LJ. HOWEVER, I would really like it if you asked permission, or told me you're going to, so I know where my stuffs going. YOu must credit _love_spell@LJ.com

Can I friend your icon journal?
Feel free to add _love_spell to your friends list to keep up with my updates. No problem <3

Can you add me back?
I will NOT however, add you back. People friend my journal everyday, and it's annoying to sign in and out constantly just to add people, so no.

I love your icons, can you add me on your personal journal?
My personal journal is my personal journal. I don't want people to add me there for icons. [I DONT POST THEM THERE] Or because they like my icons. I'm picky about who I friend in my personal journal. so please don't ask to be added there unless you SERIOUSLY want to be friends. I'll consider it.

Where do you get your images, brushes, gradients, etc?
I've given credit to every source I've used that have given me these things. To see my list of resources, click 'resources' in the memories of my icon journal.

Have you ever made any graphics of Britney Spears, or Nichole Richie in the past?
Every single on of my entries are sorted in the memories for future reference. You can look there to see all the topics I've done and what kind of graphics I've made. It's alot easier then clicking the back button on my icon journal's navigation, so use it to your advantage.

CAN you make icons of Nichole Richie, etc?
Suggestions are always welcome. [NOTE: suggestions aren't the same as requests] I'll take all suggestions into consideration. But just because you suggest something, doesn't mean I'm going to do it.

What program do you use to make your stuff?
I make EVERYTHING on Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8.

Would you be interested in posting in my community/website?
I'm very flattered when people ask me this. I don't, however, have the time to post in websites and such. I might consider the community, as long as it's a public one.

I commented on your posts, but you never answered!
I'm sorry. I don't have time to reply to every single comment I get. If you've asked a question and I didn't answer, then ask again, but in my more recent posts. If you ever ask a question in my old posts, chances are I won't see it because I don't have comments e-mailed to me.

Can you give me the overrides to make my layout look a certain way?
No. Please don't ask me for overrides or help with your layout. There's everything_lj, overridehelp, and howto for that. That's why they were made. This journal doesn't share the same reason for conception.

That's all I can think of right now. If you have a question, feel free to ask and I can stick it in here. ♥
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