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PSP8 TUTORIAL 05 >> Tom Felton.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Okay, I'm gonna present this tutorial to you all, asuming you already know the basics. [Basics as in how to set layer properties and where to go to adjust the brightness/contrasts and things of that nature.]

Get your base, here's mine again:
Image hosted by TinyPic.com

copy and paste these two gradients right after the other and set them both to lighten 100% opacity [the redish gradient first]:

Image hosted by TinyPic.com Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Now, go down to the base and duplicate it. Bring it to the top above everything else and set it to soft light:
Image hosted by TinyPic.com

depending on how it looks on your icon, you may want to play around with both opacitys, or use different gradients and settings. these settings just worked with this icon.

Now, i used a few paint splatters and a star brush (all from teh_indy).

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
I made a new raster layer, painted the right side with the brushes in black paint, and set it too overlay at 44% opacity. You can install that brush if you want, or I'll just give you a short cut. copy and paste the image above on to your icon and set it at multipy. I don't know if this will work for everyone, depending on the icon, but you can install the brushes if you want and play around with it.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Okay, now for my favorite part. this is how I make all of my neon-sparkly icons. I used a star brush made by inxsomniax with white paint on a new raster layer, and set the layer on dodge. it's at 100% opacity, but you can adjust yours to your liking.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

I don't know any short cuts for that, so your're going to have to install that brush into PSP. please don't ask me how to install brushes, because it's too complicated to explain.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Okay, I wanted it to be bolder, so I duplicated the base-softlight layer and brought it to the top. then I applied the aged newspaper effect to it. effects>>artistic effects>>aged newspaper>>10 years

Here's what your layers should look like:
Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Hope this was helpful<3<3
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