_loudnproud_ (_loudnproud_) wrote,

This Entry Brought to You by PROCRASTINATION

Should be doing homework/packing for the plane ride to California, but instead I am doing this. Mmmyep.

I am in the midsts of preparing to prepare for Anime Boston. I will soon be attempting to make my Red Whirlwind cosplay without the aid of a pattern (eek) and am still not entirely sure which other cosplays I'll be bringing. Probably Renge, though, since Tatum will be there.

Another important person who will be there: halcyonjazz, she of the awesome art and America-butt-chin fame. I hope I do not embarass myself too badly.

The iphone-case business has been going well! I am currenly on a slight hiatus which I will probably break if I have to, but I'll still take commissions to be finished after I get my whole cosplay situation together.

I will probably spend most of my time in California that is not spent with family/at my cousin's wedding drawing, since needles, scissors, and other sewing necessities are not allowed on planes.

In conclusion, Avatar fans confused by some casting issues will probably appreciate this if they have not already seen it: http://booter-freak.deviantart.com/art/Movie-Zhao-Conest-Entry-153989451

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