_loudnproud_ (_loudnproud_) wrote,

Feeling a Bit Better

Man, I forgot how much copying other people's art helps me. I don't mean art theft, I just mean doing sketches based on other people's work. I feel much better now. I guess I just need to work on mentally balancing all the different types of art I do. Maybe I'll designate a certain number of hours a day to each (as If I ever actually stay on schedual. Ah well).

Had a very pleasant day with arthoniel and a bunch of our cosplay friends in the city. I did not technically cosplay, but I was able to wear my new coat and dress. It hadn't been warm enough to wear them before (they were delivered last month, I think) but it's actually starting to feel like spring now and I was perfectly comfortable in those and my stripey stockings. ^_^ arthoniel was a bit less comfortable in her Maya Fey cosplay, but these are the sacrifices we make for fandom.

I've been getting more commissions for cases, which is very nice. :D Most (if not all) of the money I've been making will be paying for various expenses related to Anime Boston, or The Keep arthoniel Out of Jail Fund (long story). I will probably also be making DS cases sometime in the near future. :3

I applied for a table at AnimeNEXT, but whether I will actually get one is EXTREMELY uncertain. Ditto CPAC. Ah well, I will probably still bring a big bag of cases to each, and hopefully turn out a profit. If not, I can always sell them online.

I still feel a bit bad about neglecting my own characters, but hopefully I'll find time to draw them this week, what with the commission list thinning and so forth. Still, there is a project with a much more pressing deadline that I need to be working on...

Obviously, I'm really looking forward to spring break.

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