_loudnproud_ (_loudnproud_) wrote,

I Honestly Just Wanted To Have At Least One Cheerfull Post

I got out to Kinokonea (sp?) today. I bought a new Hungry Girl cookbook. Ever since I saw Julie & Julia, I have been in a cooking kind of mood. Before I went out, I had lunch at home. I made everyone grilled cheese sandwiches (fried in olive oil on a pan over the stove) with Russian dressing dipping sauce (ketchup and mayo). They were a hit.

I realized why I like to ccok so much, and also why I like to make art; you take very basic, common materials, and combine them in such a way so that you get something completely different, and when it turns out well you get something that other people will like, too. It's like magic.

Also, I realized something: I really like making other people happy. I really do. I could be pessimistic and say it's because I'm needy and depend too much on praise, but I honestly just like it when other people are happy.

I believe that good health, good food, and good company can be enough to get a person by.

I went to an army navy surplus store for my Hungary cosplay. I found a decent jacket (it fit which was a plus, and a bit of a suprise), but it was too expensive. I (by which I mean my dad) was able to talk them down from $70 to $49, but that's still a bit much for a jacket that's missing a button. Still, there are plety of other stores, and the man at the shop said I could rent it for $20 if I run out of other options.

For my birthday, I'm probably just going to go out to lunch with a couple friends. Then we'll come back to my place, where I will give them cupcakes and they will give me presents (there's a whole CHAPTER of cupcakes in my new cookbook). Then I guess we'll do something else, I dunno. It doesn't have to be a huge thing.

I'm still making buttons. I hope people like them.

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