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This Entry Brought to You by PROCRASTINATION

Should be doing homework/packing for the plane ride to California, but instead I am doing this. Mmmyep.

I am in the midsts of preparing to prepare for Anime Boston. I will soon be attempting to make my Red Whirlwind cosplay without the aid of a pattern (eek) and am still not entirely sure which other cosplays I'll be bringing. Probably Renge, though, since Tatum will be there.

Another important person who will be there: halcyonjazz, she of the awesome art and America-butt-chin fame. I hope I do not embarass myself too badly.

The iphone-case business has been going well! I am currenly on a slight hiatus which I will probably break if I have to, but I'll still take commissions to be finished after I get my whole cosplay situation together.

I will probably spend most of my time in California that is not spent with family/at my cousin's wedding drawing, since needles, scissors, and other sewing necessities are not allowed on planes.

In conclusion, Avatar fans confused by some casting issues will probably appreciate this if they have not already seen it:
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Feeling a Bit Better

Man, I forgot how much copying other people's art helps me. I don't mean art theft, I just mean doing sketches based on other people's work. I feel much better now. I guess I just need to work on mentally balancing all the different types of art I do. Maybe I'll designate a certain number of hours a day to each (as If I ever actually stay on schedual. Ah well).

Had a very pleasant day with arthoniel and a bunch of our cosplay friends in the city. I did not technically cosplay, but I was able to wear my new coat and dress. It hadn't been warm enough to wear them before (they were delivered last month, I think) but it's actually starting to feel like spring now and I was perfectly comfortable in those and my stripey stockings. ^_^ arthoniel was a bit less comfortable in her Maya Fey cosplay, but these are the sacrifices we make for fandom.

I've been getting more commissions for cases, which is very nice. :D Most (if not all) of the money I've been making will be paying for various expenses related to Anime Boston, or The Keep arthoniel Out of Jail Fund (long story). I will probably also be making DS cases sometime in the near future. :3

I applied for a table at AnimeNEXT, but whether I will actually get one is EXTREMELY uncertain. Ditto CPAC. Ah well, I will probably still bring a big bag of cases to each, and hopefully turn out a profit. If not, I can always sell them online.

I still feel a bit bad about neglecting my own characters, but hopefully I'll find time to draw them this week, what with the commission list thinning and so forth. Still, there is a project with a much more pressing deadline that I need to be working on...

Obviously, I'm really looking forward to spring break.
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Sorry For Those of You Who Saw This on Facebook/Deviantart

Well, I've finished my first chapter, thank God. It is twenty-six pages long, except for one sentence I haven't been able to finish. (Speaking of: can someone PLEASE help me think of a happy, fluffy magical world that I can use for a metaphor? Oz, Narnia and Wonderland have already been tried, and Candyland might work with some figuring.)

In accordance with my NaNo, I'd like to have (roughly) three chapters done by the end of the month, but at this point two would be just fine. Als, At some point before thanksgiving (or at least before the end of the month) I'd like to do another Condensed avatar episode, because it's already been like a year since my last one, holy shit.

Well, the best I can hope for is luck and good writing, I suppose.
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I Honestly Just Wanted To Have At Least One Cheerfull Post

I got out to Kinokonea (sp?) today. I bought a new Hungry Girl cookbook. Ever since I saw Julie & Julia, I have been in a cooking kind of mood. Before I went out, I had lunch at home. I made everyone grilled cheese sandwiches (fried in olive oil on a pan over the stove) with Russian dressing dipping sauce (ketchup and mayo). They were a hit.

I realized why I like to ccok so much, and also why I like to make art; you take very basic, common materials, and combine them in such a way so that you get something completely different, and when it turns out well you get something that other people will like, too. It's like magic.

Also, I realized something: I really like making other people happy. I really do. I could be pessimistic and say it's because I'm needy and depend too much on praise, but I honestly just like it when other people are happy.

I believe that good health, good food, and good company can be enough to get a person by.

I went to an army navy surplus store for my Hungary cosplay. I found a decent jacket (it fit which was a plus, and a bit of a suprise), but it was too expensive. I (by which I mean my dad) was able to talk them down from $70 to $49, but that's still a bit much for a jacket that's missing a button. Still, there are plety of other stores, and the man at the shop said I could rent it for $20 if I run out of other options.

For my birthday, I'm probably just going to go out to lunch with a couple friends. Then we'll come back to my place, where I will give them cupcakes and they will give me presents (there's a whole CHAPTER of cupcakes in my new cookbook). Then I guess we'll do something else, I dunno. It doesn't have to be a huge thing.

I'm still making buttons. I hope people like them.
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Pre-College Hell

I think I've developed some kind of mental block about this whole college business. I've been freaking out about my art, and tonight, as I was attempting to explain my art related fears to my parents, I had a conversation that went something like this:

Me: "Okay, I know that I shouldn't really be worrying about this because of college stuff-"
Mom: "You're right. College stuff is much more important. You have a lot of deadlines coming up, and if you don't get a start now (which you haven't gotten yet), you're not going to be able to go anywhere you want to go."

I really shouldn't be surprised anymore, but here's a nugget of advice we can collect from this: Don't stress people out who are obviously already stressed and have serious psycological issues already. I didn't think that really needed to be said, but apparently I overestimated her once again.

This morning, we had planned to do college stuff at 9:00 tonight, but that was before this lovely little incident. It was also before my mom, as ever, did not feel the need to appologize. Because, apparently, she is above such things.

So, she comes in expecting to work with me, and of course we just wind up yelling at each other. Again. And I still haven't made any real progress.

I don't know what her problem is. More to the point, I don't know what MY problem is. It's the sort of thing that I could just sit down ad DO in about half an hour at most, but either my resentment or my lack of confidence (or something else or all of them) are keeping me from getting anything done. This kind of thing tends to happen a lot. I just wish they'd trust me to do things on my own. But the other half of me says "Why should they? You'd just let them and yourself down." I don't know which is right. Maybe I should try to start talking to Morbid again, but I doubt even he would be able to help.

...God, I'm so crazy.

Anyway, I had a thought. It was the same thought I always have, but I decided to actually ask. I went to my mother and asked her if it was possible for her to have as little to do with my pre-college process as possible. She vehemently refused. I wasn't surprised.

So, I guess it's back to the drawing board for now.