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not active here anymore. i mainly tweet these days.
affection, alcopops, ancient history, androgyny, anime, apple, atheism, autumn, avoidant personality disorder, barcelona, being bitten and scratched, biting, bleepy shit, bondage, books, bookshops, candlelight, cats, chris morris, cities at night, classical mythology, clothes, clubbing, cocktails, cyberdog, cybergoth, dark dreamy things, dark humour, darkness, david cronenberg, david lynch, daydreams, digital everything, dreaming, dusk, ebm, edinburgh, edward hopper, electro metal, electronica, empty cinemas, european accents, eyeliner, feeling unreal, finland, fireworks displays, forests, franz kafka, freedom of speech/expression, fruit smoothies, futurepop, goth, gothic metal, guitars, heavy red, hugs, human computer interaction, idm, industrial buildings, internet tablets, intimacy, introspection, ipods, kink, leaves falling from trees, led lights, liberalism but not socialism, libertarianism, liberty, lightning, listening to falling rain, literature, long skirts, lust, making electronic music, meadows, mexican food, moors and misty fields, movies, multimedia, music, neil gaiman, neon lights, night, nightmares, nintendo ds, parks, pills, politics, polyamory, pretty goths, roman history, rooms lit by screens, ruins, sandman, scented candles, scratching, scriptores historiae augustae, sensuality, sex, sleeping, slimelight, snow, soundscapes, staring at the sky, stars, stroking, sunsets, sushi, synthpop, talking in whispers, the feeling of raindrops, the independent, thunderstorms, tranquility, travelling, trip-hop, tripping, usability design, video games, walking in the dark, writing by candlelight, xbox 360