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I'm never in my waking life

Dreaming is my all the time...

Losing Myself
19 May
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my pet!

Mark Andrew Drewes
10.24.1987 - 10.25.2003

"Heaven was missing an angel, or else you wouldn't have left us..."


Marriage is love.


://Name: Ashleigh
://Nicknames: Pocket, Ashling, Legna, Leggie Nuts, Ashypoo, Puck, Honest Abe, Polio Legs
://Age: 21
://Sex: Female
://Status: Single .::. Taken
://Zodiac: Taurus (May 19, 1987)

Contact Me:
://AIM: B r e a k x This
://Yahoo!: music.equals_love

x: Holdin' On :x
://Inside jokes
://When I can make a person laugh/happy
://The little things

x: Leave it :x
://People who do something because of everyone else
://People in general
://Guys (most)
://People who talk behind other people's backs
://Bad breath
://Shallow people
://Judgemental people
://Feeling hopeless




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