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To Days of Inspiration

playing hookie, makin' something out of nothing

16 August
80's fasion, 96.1 the beat, acting, adam pascal, alan rickman, anton yelchin, ashlee simpson, award shows, banana republic, bandaids, black eyes, boxing, bret michaels, bridget jones diary, british accents, british people, broadway, carolina panthers, cell phones, chicago the musical, christopher meloni, cinnamon toast crunch, clive owen, closer, connie and carla, countdown shows, creating cool cds, d&g, dancing to justin timberlake, degrassi, diet coke, driving, e!, ebay, elton john, estee lauder, eyeliner, fancy restaurants, football, french, fuzzy sweaters, golf, green day, guns n roses, guys, gym, gym class, hal sparks, house m.d., hugh laurie, i love the 70s, i love the 80s, i love the 90s, icecream, j. crew, jake epstein, jeopardy, jude law, kill bill, laguna beach, law and order, leg warmers, london, los angeles, love actually, mariska hargitay, michael jackson, michael moore, motley crue, musicals, myers park, mythology, nail polish, neil young, nordstroms, older men, pancakes, pedicures and manicures, pie, poison, poker, politics, protests, purses, rent, retail, richard belzer, rockin out, runways, sam waterson, scene it?, scott weiland, sergio garcia, shakespeare, shoes, singing, slash, sophocles, stilettos, sushi, target, tennis, thanksgiving, the 80s, the beach boys, the eagles, the look for less, the princess diaries, the real world, the sims, the style network, tommy lee, velvet revolver, vince neil, what not to wear, will and grace, world history, writing plays