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10 November 2006 @ 02:23 am
hallejuah! and Nancy Palosey is the speaker of the house!!!!!! YEAHH!

all is right in the world.

AND...although he didn't win...this is my future husband...we will be a political power couple:
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23 October 2006 @ 01:35 pm

So---I'm bored, I thought it was later in the morning than it is so I am officially awake and chilling out by the computer. Life has been pretty good so I'm stealing this from Annie cause there is nothing else to do!

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16 October 2006 @ 09:33 pm
I need to get back in the habit of updating because it's kind of fun every once and awhile so here's a bit of an update on life and things:

Life has been cool actually.
School is going, it's boring as hell, but it could be worse...so I'm pleased. 
My college apps are coming along, I should get those in by the end of this month and I'm happy to report on that.
I hope everything turns out well, I just want to get into fordham so badly, it hurts!! 

Ensemble is cool, I'm really proud of my monologue. I love it, I've worked hard on cutting it, it feels like my baby. Plus I love the playwright probably more than you love some of your own family members, haha.
Sometimes I wish that for once we'd have a full company at class. However, I don't know when that's gonna happen. Whatev, it's understandable for the most part.

I love my friends.
Abbey makes me laugh to no end and without her lunacy I would be bored to death.
Mila is just utterly beautiful in every way and i gotta love that sarcasm.
Elsa is just missed. i love how she just eats and eats and i love how i know that NOTHING will change no matter how long we're apart. 
Kevin is amazing, never have i become so close with one person so quickly. I could tell him anything, and I trust him.
Maclean despite both of us lacking time, I love her, I love that we'll never lose our friendship despite no time to spend together.

all is just good in that area and i like it. I love it. 

Me, personally. 
I'm having some weird things going on. I'm not completely opposed to it either. It's kind of new, and kind of exciting though at the same time brings up all my issues with uncetainty and doubts which I'm not a fan of. However, I think in the end it should all turn out pretty freaking cool. or at least i hope so.

I'm in love with the idea of love without someone to be in love with.
I think its all this music; John Mayer, Snow Patrol, The Fray, I cant handle all these ballads! Then we watched Romeo+Juliet in theatre which always makes me want to fall in love. 
le sigh.

thats my brief update for awhile

lovesss all around.
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03 October 2006 @ 06:57 pm
I haven't posted in practically forever, and that is unfortunate.
However, I have been supppppperrrrr busy....and I've solidified my college list and I am very, very happy about that! 

here they are:
1. Fordham
2. Marymount Manhattan
3. Pace
4. George Washington
5. Northeastern
6. Brown

Risky....no NC schools, but oh well. I am very pleased with my choices and extremely excited about it as well! 

that's my life basically
I MISS ELSABETH MORE THAN LIFE---seeing her made me miss her even more.

so I like my apartment thing going on!

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08 September 2006 @ 11:16 pm
So I've started writing blogs on my myspace.
Not dumb, angsty, I want a boyfriend blogs but my opinions and sharings on political/sentimental/cultural issues or general things.

as of now my first two are already up..they are called:
"Why Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams are Rolling In Their Graves"
"Why Hammurabi Shouldn't Be Taken Too Seriously"

here's the link: 

and it'd be great if you could comment--it's a forum for open discussion and to make ya think!
If you have a myspace, and you like my work--subscribe to it

Thanks everyone!
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31 August 2006 @ 02:48 pm

i wish i could update more
but school has already taken its toll on me, my time, and my sleeping habits.

My classes aren't too bad, French, Choir, and Theatre are nothing new.
World History is not bad, lots of hw, but not bad. 
Art History is really cool.
Math sucks because its unbelievably boring, I miss mr. gardner. 
my other theatre is wonderful! the new teacher AND the sub are both great.
english isn't too terrible either. so, eh.

I just need something to make these weeks go by faster. :(! AGH

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24 August 2006 @ 06:55 pm

don't make me go. don't make me go. don't make me go.
*whiney voice*

don't let elsa go either :(

school...i just dont like it.

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16 August 2006 @ 05:30 pm
as many of probably know:

and I'll update about it all tomorrow with detail. :)
but I'm taking this time for posting my schedule...
please tell me if we have classes together!

I'm all A/B Schedule so:
1. AP Art History---Fender
2. IB Theatre Arts 2---Petta
3. Adv. Womens Ensemble---Palmieri
4. AP English IV---Stroshine

1. Theatre Arts 3---who knows?
2. AP World History---Abbott (I am so scared)
3. IB French V---Stultz
4. IB Math Studies 2---Kapka
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15 August 2006 @ 11:23 pm
On saturday...I went to see Kevin's improv show with Abbey and MacLean, but Chris, John, and Jackie were there too.
'twas very funny indeed, then we all went to landmark for dessert, and that was fun as well and brie met us there!
Brie, Maclean, and Abbey spent the night and that was wonderful! I love them all soo soo much! 
Took Maclean and Abbey home in the morning. Brie and I watched nip/tuck and a lot of it! Brie left. I chilled.
my parents and I went to eat at harpers which was nice, then i came home, stayed up 
because i have insomnia and to write a review for the observer, or just f'ed up sleeping patterns. 
monday..nothing much until i auditioned for a show at barebones with mila and it took forever, but eh oh well, I did it to get back into the whole swing of acting thing. haha. Then we were both dying of hunger so we went to EBBG at like 10:20 haha then I took her home, stayed up some more, and then slept. 
Woke up today, didn't feel great, went to the trainer, finished up my scrap book for thus far...and uhh chilled,...oh and laughed because chapel hill is stalking me. hahahahaha.

In Approximately HALF an HOUR: it will be......... my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (big 1-7...FINALLY :))

So...wish me a good one, which I am sure it will be since it'll be all fun, friends, and family filled!

and to be fair: in approximately half an hour it will also be
ABBEY SPOON'S BIRTHDAY! (sweet sixteen, might I add)
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12 August 2006 @ 01:40 pm
This past week has been full of movies

On sunday Brian came over and we saw The Night Listener which was utterly and completely terrible times a jillion because it was boring and had no plot or ending.
being so disappointed we went to blockbuster and rented some movies to un-disappoint us.
So we watched Wolf Creek----not good despite good reviews at the sundance festival; it took like an hour for anything to happen because the first half was a romantic comedy. 

Brian then came over again the next day--we watched Silence of the Lambs, thank god something good after a string of terrible movies. 
Elsa came over later and we all watched a Lesser Evil on lifetime which was SO freaking bad I cannot even fathom how bad it was haha.
But then we watched the Libertine which was GREAT! (brian left half way and elsa fell asleep like a lame-o)

The next day I went to my trainer, then listened to scarlet letter which was boring but at least it's done. 
Wednesday, I didn't do much but MacLean, Kevin, and I saw World Trade Center which was good, very emotional, but very good.

on Thursday, NO movies...I went to my trainer then I went to see The Last 5 Years at Theatre Charlotte with Elsa and Lyndsay and that was exciting because I love that music...it wasn't bad, just long in parts...we went to starbucks then came home and Elsa and I could not sleep at ALL and wound up getting to bed around 6 something.

Yesterday elsa and i did some random errands and then we ate Indian food which was yummy!
Then we went to blockbuster and rented movies
We watched: Stay, with ewan mcgregor, naomi watts, and ryan gosling, and it was weird and didn't make any sense but it was kinda cool.
then we watched Derailed which was AMAZING and we loved alot and NO not just because of clive owen.
Then we watched Cassanova which was good, i enjoyed it because it was a cute premise...and heath ledger was wonderful! 

Now im sitting around chillin and i just finished watching Dodgeball for the jillionth time...:) 
and tonight...is NIPTUCK

anyways so let's do a movie count: 10!

but...im still on the hunt for a scary movie...i want someone to terrify me...so PLEASEEEE if you have any suggestions I'd love them.

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