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Race the Dark

-it feeds from the runs undone.

I'm 28 years old and I live in Virginia with my husband and our two cats, who are my furry children. I'm a spoonie, and trying to balance my life with many chronic illnesses- mental and physical. I'm a Pagan witch, and a full blown night owl. I love all things fantasy, and will take comedy over suspense or horror any day. Very open minded and friendly!

This journal is Friends Only. If you add me please let me know HERE how you found me and/or why you'd like to be friends. Once I've added you you can read a summary to get "in the know" if you'd like HERE.

adventures, alice in wonderland, ancient history, animals, archer, art, avatar: the last airbender, being yourself, berries, bi, black, body art, bold colors, brigid, candles, candy, cartoons, cats, celtic, charmed, chronic illness, cleaning, comedy, computers, conventions, cooking, cosplay, crafting, creativity, crystals, cuddling, dagda, dance, dancing, dc universe, deities, delayed sleep phase syndrome, demi, democrat, depression, different cultures, divination, doctor who, dragons, dreams, elves, energy healing, energy work, expression, fae, faeries, fairies, fairytales, fantasy, foreign foods, friends, fruit, full moon, futurama, gothic, gtlbq, happiness, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, herbs, honesty, incense, inner beauty, internet, kindness, labyrinth, legend, legends of tomorrow, listing to people, love, loyalty, magic, magick, makeup, mario cart, marvel universe, medieval, meditation, merlin, mermaiding, mermaids, metaphysics, mind body connection, movies, music, mythology, narcolepsy, natural medicine, nature, night owl, nightwish, observing, ocean, once upon a time, open minded, outdoors, pagan, parks and recreation, people watching, playing in the rain, playstation, rainbows, reading, recovery, recycling, reiki, renaissance, roses, sailing, sailor moon, sci fi, seeking my soul, self-expression, singing, sj tucker, sleep, spirituality, spoonie, stars, supernatural, sweets, swimming, tarot, tea, techno, tension myositis syndrome, the arts, the flash, the office, the unbreakable kimmy schmidt, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tinctures, tomb raider, trees, video games, wicca, witchcraft, writing, xbox, zelda