*walks around the NX, bored*

*hides in shadows*

Well well well... The more things change, the more they stay the same. How boring these meat-sacks are. Not to mention my idiot brother.


Now... How can I spice things up a little here?

*rubs hands together*

Please let this not be happening...

I think something may be... Wrong... With... Um...
My penis. A certain part of my body.

It's not acting like it used to. I mean... It didn't USE to act on its own at all!
Am afraid to tell doctor. Or engineer.
Am still in hiding.


This has to stop.

I can't belive this is happening

*bites hand*


Maybe I am over-reacting. Maybe this thing has never been used. Um. Urg. I'm not really sure that makes me feel a whole lot better. It's made for HIM!

I'm not sure if I can live this down if I ever meet him again...
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Ooooh... My head!
What just happened? Wasn't g30rd1_laforge here a minute ago?

*notices that repairs have been made*

Well now, at least that's something! I wonder if...

*looks aroud to see if anyone is watching*
*discreetly opens pants front*

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I can't stay here! if this really is Picard's ship, that means in all likelyhood, my idiot brother and that pet engineer of his is right around the corner. I won't go back into that disgusting tube even if I could figure out how to wedge myself in there, and...


Great, now my vocal processor isn't working either.

And where the hell is my penis? I can't very well ask around for it... And I'll be damned if I ask Vash about it...
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Stuck in some stinking tube

Let's try to get a grip on this situation.

Item: I am in some kind of narrow, stinking Jeffries-tube like thing.

Item: I can't move.

Item: I have no idea how I got here. Large chunks of my memory (and my body) seem to be missing.

Item: My internal chronometer is out of whack.

Left ankle
Right ear
Penis (I knew I should have gotten that thing permanently attatched!)
Upper left third molar
Sole of right foot
All eyelashes
Skin on right pinkie-finger



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Now what

Have finally given up on plan. Stupid flesh-bags with their unpredictable emotions. I wish everyone were normal and stable, like me. Have half a mind to leave this den of boredom. I wonder if I can sneak into Picards Enterprise when he isn't looking?
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