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Jun. 13th, 2009 | 09:36 pm

The farm is a dynamic place right now.  Every day feels like we need multiple before and after photos since so much is getting done.  Having 5 people working here full-time (and 2 of those people working almost every waking hour) makes for lots of tangible results.  All of our main transplanting is done, with the exception of the winter squash (that'll be transplanted Tuesday) and a 2nd round of melons, cukes, brassicas.  Lots of successive direct seeding to be also done.

Finally a week ago we got rain.  Over an inch.  Now we are ready for some more!  We need rain like that at least every week or two to re-hydrate the soil and our irrigation pond. 

A workshare from last year took some photos last August, and I finally happened upon the disc of photos several months later.  There are some beautiful photos of our little market garden in Farmington, and made me miss that place and the feeling of that place.  Farming is so much about place.  We are so rooted in this little place of land, all day every day working, living, sweating, and yes, sometimes swearing.  Luckily, it's a beautiful little place here and where we were before as well.  We hope the past few weeks have been the busiest and most stressful of the whole season, even more so than August.  A snapshot of the myraid tasks: transplanting everything, tending to crops in 2 hoophouses, going to market for 12 hours on Saturdays, training new employees, building a new packshed, irrigating constantly, learning how to do payroll, doing that payroll, and yadda yadda yadda.  First CSA box harvested and packed yesterday and another 100 boxes to be packed and picked up this week.  We have a box heavy on greens, lettuces, and herbs, but it is nearly full and we feel like it's pretty good for the first box on a new farm in a droughty cold Spring.  

I intend to take some updated photos soon.  Most notably of the cucumbers in the greenhouse, flowering and producing 4 inch fruits already!  We will be eating English cukes on the farm next week and will hopefully plop them in the 2nd CSA box next week.  It's awesome to see them climb inches daily up the trellis.  

In the photo meantime, I leave you with some beautiful and nostalgic photos from last August.


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