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oh the thrill of control, like the rush of rock and roll

woah today was the best day i've had in awhile. we had a half day, so school ended after 4th period. then i came home, and i thought i wasn't gonn be able to come out, but luckily meghan got her mom to drive me, her, robbiekid, steph, mickey d, and manna downport.

we got there and wandered around for awhile, and we decided to got to split up and me mickey d and manna went into dunkin donuts, and they all went into starbucks. we all got some coffe and went on with our walking. then we went into the mall, where we spent most of our time (and money) in the toy store. me and mickey d duked it out playing video games, but he beat my arse. all kinds of crazy things went down and then mickey d and manna went to wrestling.

then me, robbiekid, meghan, and steph played in the park. yeah it was just a little cold so we went walking to mcdonalds. we all ate, and rob was trying to pick the lock of the womens bathroom with a dime...hahah didnt work. then we went into a couple stores, were a pain in the ass to people and ended up in cvs where we bought random stuff and got yelled at for sitting on the floor. psh.

then meghan's mommy drove us home, and now i'm here, and i should go study.

but first, a few
rob aimlessly running on private property

meghan and steph...aww!

cool animal hats

yeah i thought he looked good in the dress

me on the slide

meghan and steph on the swings

robbiekid and his hair dye

Mike and Andrea i hope the band thing was fun. woo!
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