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i've found a way, i've found a way, a way to make you smile

yeah so yesterday was tower's party. plus i got to see mike's hardcore pants. haha. i hated them at first, but eventually they grew on me. they did look very cute, but man they were large.

so the whole party we basically sat around and watched movies and played pool. then me and mike were led to the computer room. it was fun. mike's friends are funny kids, it would have been even better if gress and jenn weren't arguing the whole time. plus lauren and towers got together. how cute.

so i left at 10:30, mike was kind enough to wait for my mom with me. all the guys slept over, and i heard they had some interesting conversations. can't wait to hear more details.

Mike's hardcore pants

Riding a pool stick

Jeff & Mike having some fun

On the floor
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