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That old saying, how you hurt the one you love [entries|friends|calendar]

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new jizzournal [16 Feb 2004|03:11pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]



add me, i will no longer be using this journal.

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valentine's day pt. 2 [15 Feb 2004|08:23pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

so last night after a day of awesomeness me and mike went to nick's house for his birthday. it was alotta fun, we basically took control of his house. and i learned that i should never ever try to call a parent when mickey d is around, he latched on to me and was screaming "Devan put your bra back on!!!" hahaha i hope my mom never got that message hahaha.

it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay fun.

Here's some pictures for youCollapse )

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[15 Feb 2004|06:47pm]
Marriage is love.
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Happy Valentine's Day! [15 Feb 2004|01:44pm]
[ mood | amazing ]

Oh man, yesterday was nothing short of perfect. Everything was just so so so wonderful, thank you Mike so much for making this the best Valentine's Day I've ever had. I love you so much. All I can say is that everything that happened yesterday was amazing. Absolutely amazing.


And, Melissa and Rob got back together...*cheer*

Everything is the way it should be again.

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i'm lookin for answers from the great beyond [13 Feb 2004|10:26pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

yey valentine's day is tomorrow. ^_^

plus a whole fuckin week off. that's BOSS man.

i promise i'll write a real entry soon, not just these random sentences.


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wow [12 Feb 2004|08:48am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

people's stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

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anything goes? [11 Feb 2004|06:11pm]
[ mood | awake ]

oh yes, i am damn good at acting like a prostitute.


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in the end, everything's alright [09 Feb 2004|10:11pm]
[ mood | loved ]

I thought I saw a smile...


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yey for computer labs [09 Feb 2004|07:52am]
[ mood | tired ]

it seems as though ms. moran is having some trouble with her computer so i can write a little.

yeah so yesterday i couldn't get to andrea's last night to do the project. but, i heard it came out well so that's exciting. i can't wait to see it.

bleh i'm too tried to be hear, someone take me hooooome!

((look at the stars))

you always were the one to make us stand out in the crowd [08 Feb 2004|11:51am]
[ mood | content ]

yup so last night was really fun. me, mike, andrea, zach, melissa, and rob went to the led zepplin and pink floyd laserlight shows. they were so cool, i liked the pink floyd one better, but both were awesome. then after we went to mcdonald's and got food. yey for food, friends, and good music.

and i think everything is finally back to normal, especially after last night. thank god, i hate when i am upset with people, especially ones that are so so close to me.

and today i'm goin to andrea's so we can finally finish this stupid project.

i cant wait for vacation!

and hoffman's coming back in march....wheeeee!

((look at the stars))

oh the thrill of control, like the rush of rock and roll [05 Feb 2004|06:46pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

woah today was the best day i've had in awhile. we had a half day, so school ended after 4th period. then i came home, and i thought i wasn't gonn be able to come out, but luckily meghan got her mom to drive me, her, robbiekid, steph, mickey d, and manna downport.

we got there and wandered around for awhile, and we decided to got to split up and me mickey d and manna went into dunkin donuts, and they all went into starbucks. we all got some coffe and went on with our walking. then we went into the mall, where we spent most of our time (and money) in the toy store. me and mickey d duked it out playing video games, but he beat my arse. all kinds of crazy things went down and then mickey d and manna went to wrestling.

then me, robbiekid, meghan, and steph played in the park. yeah it was just a little cold so we went walking to mcdonalds. we all ate, and rob was trying to pick the lock of the womens bathroom with a dime...hahah didnt work. then we went into a couple stores, were a pain in the ass to people and ended up in cvs where we bought random stuff and got yelled at for sitting on the floor. psh.

then meghan's mommy drove us home, and now i'm here, and i should go study.

but first, a few picturesCollapse )

Mike and Andrea i hope the band thing was fun. woo!

((look at the stars))

:} [04 Feb 2004|04:32pm]
[ mood | touched ]

thank you tiana<3

((3 saw how they shine))((look at the stars))

hehehehe! [02 Feb 2004|05:56pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Your Ideal Guy Is

Who's Your Ideal Disney Guy?
brought to you by Quizilla

yeah, my obsession with aladdin is sick hahahahahahaha

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i count your eyelashes, secretly [31 Jan 2004|02:06pm]
[ mood | content ]

mike came over to celebrate nine months last night. oo so much fun, i love him so so much. we watched pirates of the caribbean and hung out for awhile, then aislinn, gill, and torey came in and we played karaoke revolution. the look on my dad's face when he was watching mike sing billie jean was so funny. (i think he wanted to play) hahahaah. the after all of us were screeching for awhile, mike left. :( but it was a fabulous night, i think me and mike really needed a night for ourselves. ;)

so today i'm *supposed* to be hanging out with a few of my guy friends... i hope it works out cause it would be a fun time.

and then i will write the first part of the animal farm script...fun fun.

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*sigh* [30 Jan 2004|04:38pm]
[ mood | love love love ]


*does the nine months dance*

i'm so happy! teehee



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"Cinderella's hot." - Mr. Sallese [29 Jan 2004|02:35pm]
[ mood | happy ]

today was way awesome. mike and andrea had their math b regents today, i hope they did good. ^_^ yeah i found out i kicked ass on my regents...second highest in my class. woo!

so because all the advanced math kids were gone most of the day, history was great. it was mr. sallese and 7 girls. yeah interesting conversations galore. and we all agreed that beast looked better as the beast. yey for disney conversations. and english class zamo basically let us have a free period, i got to finish my spanish and we talked about american idol. ehh

yeah the rest of the day wne t really fats, i didnt have rehearsal today woo! and tomorrow we are all goin out and i'm so excited. :}

((6 saw how they shine))((look at the stars))

dangerous angels [27 Jan 2004|05:06pm]
[ mood | restless ]

i really need someone to buy me any book by Francesca Lia Block...namely, Dangerous Angels. if anyone loves me enough to give it to me as a gift, i'll cherish their existence forever.

i waaaaaaaaaaant it!


i'm done.

((7 saw how they shine))((look at the stars))

i'll fix these broken things, repair your broken wings, and make sure everything's alright [26 Jan 2004|05:59pm]
[ mood | okay ]

so, the regents were fucking easy! i was so excited. i definetly passed, hopefully with a good grade. yeah so i basically was worried for nothing. yeah, i should learn to like, calm my ass down about things.

mike was sick today.:( i hope he feels better and gets some sleep. i don't like when he's sick.

bleh zamo banned us from the computer room cause she got all mad at us because we were all slacking off. now i have to write the script at home which BLOWS! at least mike and dan will be helping me with it... i just wish i was doing it english instead of at home on my time.

so thats about it, nothing to exciting going on...i <3 my new haircut. yup.

((look at the stars))

bleh animal farm [26 Jan 2004|11:35am]
[ mood | crappy ]

i'm currently in english, where i'm supposed to be typing a script for animal farm. oi i wish i wasnt doing this project... who's idea was this? oh yeah...MIKE. hahaha oh well, hopefully it'll turn out ok, cause i want a good grade in this class. and hey, if mike makes this a musical, it'll be awesome. assuming that mike will be the only one singing for the camera.

i have my math regents in a couple hours. MEH!! i really really really dont want to take it. i just really wanna do well, unfortunately math is not my strong spot. i just wanna go hooooome.

((1 saw how they shine))((look at the stars))

muah [25 Jan 2004|10:37am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

my livejournal is pretty...yes, i changed the layout again.

what can i say...i get bored easily

((5 saw how they shine))((look at the stars))

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