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Scream my lungs out...

v0.6 --- Only One

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5 July
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Don't add me if we have nothing in common.
Add me if we do.

My name is Jamie.
I'm also known as Jamison, Jamima, Jamek, Jamielynn, and James.
Anything relating to Jamie, really.
Oh, and Fre-GEEEEN by Kon.
I live in a tiny town in Wisconsin.
My birthday is July 5th.
I'm seventeen and a senior in high school.
I can't wait to graduate.
I love music and it's pretty much my life.
I play a whole slew of instruments and also sing.
I'm planning on attending Luther College in the fall of 2005.
I'm hardly ever not online.
I dislike crappy people.
I like to take pictures.
I wish I could afford a good camera for photography.
My friends are pretty cool.
I love DCI.
The Cavies = The sex.
I like to laugh.
People seem to think that I don't do anything reckless.
They don't know me very well.

That's about it.

My best friend is love.

Clarinets are love.

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