Shuri's Shelter of Solitude

~*~such is the life of the ninja~*~

6 August
I consider myself to be a pretty interesting individual, since I take pride in things most people dont. That's right. the WeIrD things. hmm...and that's enough of that. In case you're wondering, Nashi is my anime club, full of crazy idiots who like things like Ping Pong Club, Green Green and Eiken. If you ever want someone to watch anime and/or laugh at their jokes to try and cheer you up, i'll give it my best shot.
I wish I could say I'm a fun-loving moron, but...life doesn't always deal the good cards, does it? Therefore...I'm here to make your life a living hell. no...dont leave. it's just my inner-evil twin.
anime, cheese, cosplaying, drawing, manga, nashi, vgs, writing, zecape cod chips