Migraine with aura

Looks like this what happened :

2. Migraine with aura have at least two of the following characteristics:
Visual symptoms affecting just one side of the field of vision and/or sensory symptoms affecting just one side of the body
At least one aura symptom develops gradually over more than 5 minutes and/or different aura symptoms occur one after the other over more than 5 minutes
Each symptom lasts from 5-60 minutes


Last night I lost my sight on the right hand side of my vision (both eyes). It came back again half an hour later.

no idea.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

When I was young (oh so long ago) I used to (Niri:'watch the dinosaurs roam outside from my bedroom window'.. BACK GIRL *swat*) *aheam* look forward every week to Saturday Morning Cartoons

Tomorrow (and for many saturdays to come) Niri and I are recreating them with BitTorrent downloads.

10:00am : My Little Pony
10:30am : Spiderman & His Amazing Friends
11:00am : Thundarr the Barbarian
11:30am : G-Force
12:00pm : Transformers
12:30pm : Dungeons & Dragons
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So, my love niri has shown me the goodness of BitTorrent. We've been downloading shows like maniacs for the last couple weeks. The download speed has never been what I'd call 'zippy', however. .1 to .9 kbps is was normal. 1.5 pretty likely. 5 was considered good. The upload speeds were much better, up to 30kbps. Now we like helping everyone and all, but I just assumed it had to get better than this. Also there was another problem that the 'ping' we were getting on all other computers was often up over 1000ms. That's 1 second to wait for a response from the internet. Our resident world of warcraft drone was buzzing fairly loudly about this.

So, after much reading on the subject I did the following :

1. Updated the version of uTorrent from 1.2 to 1.6
2. Set up our media center with a Static IP Address
3. Set up Port Forwarding

After completing this I was thrilled to find the download speeds when up were often in the 20's, sometimes as high as 300!

There was a new problem, however, the 'Trackers' all went offline fairly frequently. Trackers are the computers that act as BitTorrent pimps to hook you up with other people to get pieces of data from. Now, you can still get hooked up by getting word from people you already know but new ones are more likely to have data you want. After (much) searching I put the IP address of my router in the "IP/Hostname to report to tracker" box in uTorrent preferences.

The last problem was the ping was still in a terrible state. After some investigation I changed the 'Number of Upslots per torrent' to 1 (instead of 4). This means one person can download from us at a time (at whatever speed). This restored our ping to a happy 20-50ms.

Feeling acomplished I retired with the kid to pizza and watching episodes 3-10 of Aeon Flux (Man, that's a wacko series) eating pizza and drinking rum & cokes.

And that, is my saturday night.


I seem to have painted myself into a corner where, even if I'm sick and staying at home in bed seems like a good idea, there are just so many other reasons that going into work seems like a better idea.

Gah. Feels so... responsible.
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Stuff to Sell : UPDATE

Some stuff we are getting rid of due to xmas prezzie replacements :)

$100 - 30" JVC TV (Purchased for $700 in 2002)
$150 - Oak TV Unit (Unit: 58"Widex24"Deepx56"HighTV space 30" wide x 28" high)
$ 50 - White Dresser/shelf unit
Free - Queen Sized Bed
Free - Metal Bed Frame (Queen)
Free - Metal Bed Frame (Queen or King)
$ 20 - VCR #1
$ 20 - VCR #2
$ 20 - DVD player
Free - TV 20" (About 15 years old, works fine, free with DVD player or VCR)
$ 5 - Metal shelving Rack
Free - Two wall mounted bedside lamps

New Items
$ 50 - White Ikea Dresser( 5 drawers, top draw split)
Free - White Ikea Dresser( 4 drawers ) - Note : The runners on the drawers for this one need some work.

email me at seancorrigall at gmail if interested