crazy nigs

Gotta Walk Right Up To Her, And Give Her A Great Big Kiss, MUAH

New livjournal soon
I'll update you to what it is when I actually make it.

Otherwise, life is going wonderfully,
I couldn't ask for anything more.

Except the fact that I'm 16
and worrying about finances and money
like I have to pay for an apartment
and all that goes with it.
I just hope I'm responsible with it,
because that's the plan,
and I really like what I'm planning.

I really need a haircut
and somebody should just be like
"Hey, you like Motley Crue?"
"Oh, ya do, well I've got an extra ticket!"
and take me hahah. Like that'd ever happen.
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    ma coeur

He drives me a little mad, but that's okay.

This week was good
and it wasnt real long
I worked on the wheel in ceramics
I got a 99 on my math test
a 100 on my vocab test
Tonight I started reading Requiem for a Dream
but alas, I left it in Nick's car.
I haven't seen much of him due to our conflicting work schedules
(as in tonight's the only night both of us had off)
but tonight was real nice.

So, funny story

I just got my license...a few weeks ago, and I have me + five other people in my car which holds five people. I'm paranoid, not only because of that but also because "hey! Lets keep the stems!" but JT is finally convinced to throw them out. He is mad because he's convinced we wont see a cop because we're in Acworth. Well lucky us, we turn onto Jiles and what's sitting in the parking-lot of the gas station but...A COP.
So, even with four people in my small backseat, I somehow dont get pulled over. So I'm super lucky and I doubt I'm giving that many people a ride ever again.


and so

I can't wait to be 18 as of current.
I miss this summer.
And I hate sleeping alone in my bed...
well not my bed, it's too small for two.
But falling asleep alone.
High School needs to hurry up and end,
and my mom needs to buy me that car she promised me 3 years ago.
But after the two she got my sister,
it's a little too much to ask.

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School is kicking my ass
buuut I'm still owning it.

I start actual work on tuesday.
and tomorrow is Friday, how exciting.

From sitting outside at lunch
I'm starting to get freckles on my nose again.