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Lochness' Monster

Illusions or Delusions?

11 February 1911
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Welcome to this journal!
I'm Lochness, student in human history, nature lover, incurable artist and general mad scientist. My life is devoted to my many passions, the foremost being my beloved Don.Dragon, a wonderful flesh & blood Dark Knight who accepted to be mine more than a decade ago. ^_^

This journal is mostly dedicated to all the non-human friends I made over the years. Where else would I show off their pics?
abandoned places, action figures, akhenaten, akhetaten, alseides, amarna, ancient art, anime, anise, antigone, archaeology, asoka, athanasius kircher, bjds, blood, brom, bubble tea, building stuff, cardamom, cats, cheese, chinese opera, cobra commander, code geass, creating characters, cumin, curry, customizing, cynicism, d the vampire hunter, daydreaming, de loreans, death, delacroix, demons, deserts, desserts, dilandau, dio, doing research, doppelgangers, drawing, ecology, eggplants, egyptology, el laberinto del fauno, environmentalism, evil plans, felines, fire, folken, gaara, grim fandango, guitar solos, hair dye, heavy metal, hisoka, history, hong kong movies, horses, ichimaru gin, iron monkey, isshiki makoto, joker, kefka, koenigsegg, la condition humaine, leonardo da vinci, les mystérieuses cités d'or, libraries, lizards, mad scientists, maleficient, malice mizer, mango lassi, marzipan, mechas, meier link, mephistopheles, mezcal, mythology, nessie, opera, orochimaru, painting, pet shop of horrors, photography, port, punk rock, pyromania, rabbits, ramen, rats, red wine, riviera maya, sciences, scuba, sephiroth, serj tankian, severus snape, sewing, sharks, shiraz, shishio makoto, shiva, smoky perfumes, snakes, spirits, spirou et fantasio, starry nights, steam punk, sun wukong, sunsets, supernatural phenomena, sutekh, system of a down, tchaikovski, tempranillo, the breakfast club, the misfits, theater, thunder & lightning, tomo, urban exploration, v, villains, voldo, writing, yoshimitsu, zongi