Just pictures!

...from 2010... ^_^;

My favorite pic of Oska so far, taken in an old broken TV:

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Next time, the first months of 2011!  I'm finally up-to-date with all the picture tweaking and uploading.  When Kokoryta said it sometimes takes her forever to treat her pics, I understood exactly what she meant... ^_^;
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Since last July...

Haven't posted anything since Talia's arrival... Oh~ so many things have happened in he last few months!

The ratlings are still doing fine.  Naiara is no longer purely white: she has the cutest dabs of gray on her nose and ears.  She's my little wild one, lurking in dark corners and enjoying her solitude.  Nevertheless, she pokes her nose out of her hiding spot whenever I call to her.  At night, especially when I'm alone, she's always there to keep me company.  On her side, Talia is still as lively as ever.  We play tug-o-war together and she always wins... and not necessarily because I let her!  She's a crafty little devil: never believe her if she pretends to be bored of the game. XD  Around October, she had a bity period during which she confused my fingers for delicious raisins, but it's been over for a while now and she expresses her territorial nature a little less as well.

I read on many websites that rats usually establish some sort of hierarchy among themselves, but it seems to be different with the sisters: Talia is the one who seeks me and jumps on the treats first, pushing Naiara aside, yet she still got kicked out of the box by her elder.  When I saw that she seemed to have been forced to move alone to Ghostbusters' Central, I offered her a brand new cardboard box.  Ever since, the ratlings have lived in separate homes.  They still seem to enjoy one another's presence, but only part time.  I blame it all on adolescence!  >_<

On the BJD front, there's been quite a few arrivals and body swaps since last July, and even a departure! (*gasp*)

For one, Kylie has arrived:

We lost a picture contest together, hence the weird watermark on that shot

I thought his body would be great for Ann, but it turned out terrible, which was absolutely perfect!  He became my favorite mold from Ringdoll (outclassing Spencer and Ashford) and took the appearance of the sweetest character I ever created.  Painting a faceup on semi-transparent resin was quite the challenge, but I'm very proud of how it turned out. <3

In case you're curious, Kylie is a 17 year-old half-monster who lives a nearly normal life as a high-school drop-out with an evening job in a video club.  He loves sweets and doesn't eat much else.  A typical breakfast, for him, would consist on a bowl of pistachio ice cream topped with Froot Loops, dark chocolate chips, gummy raspberries, yoghurt-covered peanuts, lots of maple syrup and a swirl of canned whipped cream.  He'd drink a glass of chocolate milk with that, to which he would add some crushed candy canes.  Kinda makes me hungry...

In September, Love went on a diving trip with his brother to an abandoned quarry in Kahnawake.  I brought Mr. Click the camera, Oska (with a new faceup and sculpted pointy ears!) and Nougat along, and we had fun!


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Meet Talia!

As I had promised Naiara that I wouldn't leave her alone, on Monday July 12th, I stepped into the pet shop again, hoping and dreading to find a sweet little rat.  I didn't expect to find one as cute as Talia, though...  Lookit that face:

She was nicknamed the Exclamation Rat because of the punctuation mark on her back. ^_^ She was only 4 weeks old when I picked her up... I went to visit friends after leaving the pet shop and she ended up falling asleep in my arms, wrapped in the blanket I brought for her.  I introduced her to Naiara the moment we got home, and even if the two had never met, they quickly started getting along.

Naiara is going a lot better now.  She's back to her daring and curious demeanor and appears to enjoy being petted.  She also seems to act as Talia's older sister, grooming her every day.  On her side, Talia is cheery, active, and the best climber of her species I've ever seen.  The more time I spend with them, the more I find them endearing... I took a nap for about an hour last week and both rats slept all along on my shoulder, while the Ninja was curled up next to me, purring.  He has one prerogative when it comes to the rats: they mustn't get petted more than him. ^_^

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Jedi Ninja:

Befriending a feline:

In other news...

- I don't know how many of you know Ann... She's not my oldest character, but she's one of my dearest and also a protagonist of my long-postponed novel.  Since about 2002, she's been through all sorts of stories with Love and I and now... she'll enter a new life as a BJD. ^_^ I didn't think it'd be possible, but I found the perfect head for her: Souldoll Hewer.  The moment that guy came out, I thought: "oh~ what a perfect lady!"... and then I noticed the 70cm muscular body. >_<

A few weeks ago, a nice seller on DoA accepted to separate her boy and send me just the Hewer head.  It's so perfect!  I modded it successfully to match a smaller neck and only need to paint her now.

Finding a perfect 58-62cm body for my bony androgynous girl wasn't easy... well, Ringdoll used to make a perfect one, but they stopped producing it about a month ago, just as I was considering it.  I looked everywhere, picked some favorites, but nothing seemed to be good enough for Ann.  I was half-resigned to wait until something new would come out, when I realized that Featherfall had an impressive sale for all in stock Ringdoll items.  There were only 3 things left, but among them a doll with the body I wanted.  I jumped and bought him right away!

Now he should hopefully arrive this Monday... and I can't wait to see!  I still have no idea what will happen to the poor boy's head... he's cute, though, and I even considered him in the past, so I might adopt him... and start hunting for a new body. ^_^;  We'll see...

One way or the other, we can only thank Ashanti for Ann's arrival!  Speaking of which, there are pictures of her in her new home on DoA here and here.  Isn't she amazing?

- Computer!  I shall haz one!!  My very own laptop!!!  Yes, it's worth all the exclamation marks. ^_^; Especially since it too might very well get here tomorrow...  Oh~ dangerous and wonderful Futureshop sales...  I've been more or less shopping for a computer of my own for a few years, but as it wasn't a necessity, I never indulged... until now.  Wee~!

- Since I've been spending a bit too much, I thought it was time to kick my ass and make the DoA sales post I was supposed to create months ago.  Oska was kind enough to model for me and did a great job trying to look all poised and delicate.  I'll have to prepare a real photo shoot or something to make it up to her. ^_^;
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A new member has joined our family recently, but it isn't a tall dark lady.  Oh, Ashanti did arrive last Friday and, barring a few scuffs and some disappointing mold lines, she was simply beautiful and posed even better than I imagined.  She just didn't speak.  I brought her around the apartment, tried on as many wigs and eyes and clothes as I could find and... nothing.  She kept staring with empty eyes, her face always expressionless.  There was no way to tell her preferences.  Or anything all.  I found the silence rather irritating so I shipped her to Europe on Monday.

The experience was instructive, though.  It made me realize that in general, kids must have to figure out everything about their toys when they play: their stories, characters, favorite accessories, battle stances... all of this without any input from the toys themselves.  That never happened to me...

I hope the people who wanted to see Ashanti will forgive me... I took a few snap shots when she arrived but only resized one so far:

Most of my attention was actually devoted to the introduction of our actual new family member:

Little calico kitty is between ten months and a year old.  On June 16th, I visited the SPCA looking for other cats and she caught my eye... and my finger, which she grabbed with a paw through the bars of her cage.  How could I resist?  The Ninja didn't appreciate the intruder at all during the first few days, but as you can see on the picture, he quickly warmed up to her presence. <3
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A New Life Begins?

I waited for about a year and a half, biding my time.  Whenever I thought I couldn't do it any longer, that something would definitely snap, a dazzling spark would appear and numb the pain, just long enough to convince me to push a little further.  Love's been there and wonderful all along.  During the last few months, though, I started dreading that I'd drag him in my murky hopelessness.

Mexico's sweet taste evaporated quickly, replaced by the worn bitterness of daily routine.  Announcing my departure at work briefly felt like a brave accomplishment, but lead to the apprehensive quest for an exciting bread-earning position.  The search luckily allowed me to meet what appears to be the kindest psychiatrist.  I started working as his assistant today.  I am admittedly wondering why I am not one of his patients, as he specializes in workplace issues (oh, the irony!), but I nonetheless intend to use whatever energies I may still muster to become the best assistant he could have met.  This could be the solution I was awaiting...  especially since this new position will allow for much more time with my Love.  We shall see...

On a different note, please meet Oscura Kalakira Iskaba Albatou Osnabrück de Vion, or, more succinctly, Oska, an adventurous teen with an unconventional family and a knack for mechanics:

I bought 3 wigs and brand new pants from Iplehouse... and she ended up preferring an old Monique I chopped for her and a pair of slacks I assembled from scraps of fabric and damaged to her liking.  She's wonderful~! <3

I'll definitely have to put up a sales thread for all the stuff she doesn't use, though... and maybe even for Ashanti.  I've seen pictures of her on DoA and she is absolutely beautiful... which is not something that ever quite exactly attracted me.  In all her fashion magazine glory, she lacks the attitude I wished to see in her.  I still hope that the one who will appear at my doorstep will be an exception, but nothing is less certain.  It doesn't matter, though... the money from her sale would be quite welcome!

One last bit of news: I am now the (very) proud owner of a stylish (methinks) green bicycle that I intend to take everywhere in town.  It's about 30 to 40 years old and screeches angrily whenever I break.  It's lovely~!

Before I leave, here's thoughtful amazing Azrai among the cherry blossoms:

And Sheharanakai, showing some woodland-elf roots on the first snowy spring day we had, nearly a month ago:

Akumal and many wonders

Akumal was just as amazing as we had dreamt it would be!  Every day of the week we woke up to see the sun rise over the turquoise sea and every night we sat on long chairs, our feet in the salty water, admiring the moon as it lifted itself upon the horizon.

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The interview was neither great nor terrible.  I know I scored well on some questions, but I totally failed the traditional greatest strength/weakness one.  I said I was available and wouldn't mind switching my schedule around to suit the tasks at hand, since I was motivated to see the job done well and in time.   It's true too: as long as I'm paid in money or time, who cares when I work?  My weakness was to get bored easily with repetitive tasks, but I added that this wouldn't be a problem for the position as the projects involved were so varied.  I was rather proud of my little answer, but was told that it wasn't 'personal' enough.  So I was left to find something more appropriate... I tried to spin what I already explained, but to no avail.  It was awkward.  At the end of the interview, the 3 bosses told me that they wished to turn the job into a full-time one as soon as they'd gather enough subventions.  Meh.  Then they said it'd take about 10 days for them to deliberate and pick their favorite candidate among the four they met.  Didn't take that long.  The most sympathetic of the 3 took me aside yesterday and told me they've chosen somebody else to fill the position.  Oh, well, Plan B now.

I went shopping with Animefigurekit right after.  Bought a bunch of wonderfully silly clothes and a ring which, on its own, occupies nearly as much volume as all my other rings put together.  It's huge and pretty and inappropriate for a boring office, thus, it's perfect!  ^_^

Gotta go bake some (hopefully) delicious spicy cookies now.  It's sunny, Aminamithri is on her way here, and Love already found a rather interesting job offer for me.  I gotta contact a certain Mrs. Blood about it.  With a name like that, how could I not wanna call her? XD

Despite the job news, I guess I'm enjoying this week!  Love organized a nice supper at an Indian restaurant with some of our friends for my birthday.  They offered me a great version of the Egyptian Book of the Dead with lots of footnotes, plus tons of sweet perfumes and soaps with scents like marshmallow, cotton candy and pumpkin pie.  I feel like a walking dessert now!

I took pics of Finster with his new wig, eyes, and jeans:

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Good news everyone!

The title of this post must be said with this voice.  It's only natural since Love and I have nearly watched all of the 19 Futurama DVDs he got himself for his birthday. ^_^;

The actual good news is that I have an interview for the job I want!  Weeee~!  Needless to say, I'm terribly excited.  I don't wanna be disappointed if it doesn't work but...  If it does work, it will certainly be one of my greatest victories!

Lots of fantastic news for the gang too, since their Holiday stuff has arrived:
- I got a bunch of great clothes and a wig from Sunniezg on DoA.  Orochimaru now has a very fitting kimono, Nadezhda is adorable in a pink bunny rabbit pajama, and Finster looks badass with his new natural gray hair.  No pics yet, though...
- ...But here's a Valentine Shehara wearing all sorts of silly stuff I've sewn for him and showing off a smiley tree with blood drop leaves I painted on his arm this afternoon:

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First, the Ninja with our bunny bed cover:

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New News!

Just realized I haven't written anything since November 1st so, erm, yeah... news!

- Maybe it's because last fall was particularly sunny, but nothing could dampen my Christmas spirit this year! I cleaned up our apartment till it was almost tidy, decorated for the Holidays and invited my family over for a cute little supper, which was awesome. I dressed up the whole gang for the occasion and made a bunch of seasonal jewelry for them. There are still colorful lights hanging in the kitchen window and I can't help turning them on every night 'cause they make me feel all mushy inside...

Azrai enjoys winter too:

- New Year's Eve was spent with friends drinking good wine and playing out enthralling post-apocalyptic stories. A great beginning for 2010!  Tonight we also organized a cheese-themed party to celebrate my favorite mouse's birthday.  <3  It doesn't even stop there...

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Meet Commander Dilandau Albatou:

He's still missing his proper wig, some eyelashes, his tiara and more pictures, but he's already my favorite pyromaniac. For those who may wonder: yeah... he's based off a villain from the Escaflowne series. I'd say he's no doubt more badass than the original anime version and potentially nicer, but he's still somewhat vain and his preferred problem-solving methods usually include kicking someone's ass, burning down a building or slapping an associate behind the head. I love him~!

- In other news: if you have a look at my Photobucket, you'll notice I had way too much time on my hands some week-end 'cause not only did I upload tons of new pics, but I also found different backgrounds for the albums of all the members of my gang... I'm rather proud. ^_^;

- Last but not least, the position I've been pining for at work has finally been opened! The Program is recruiting now and I've been officially invited to email a 'motivation letter'. If this works out, I should never complain again about needing more time for my Love and my artsy projects! Muhahahahaha! Oh~ I have so much hope!!!! I learned about this near the end of last week and composed the letter yesterday. I can't wait!!! But if my plan fails, no worries: as any evil genius should, I have other plans... Still, I so hope plan A comes to fruition! That would be perfect. Absolutely PERFECT!!!
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News for Montreal BJDs!

Dunno if anyone's gonna be interested, but Zellers at Place Alexis-Nihon (Atwater metro) now carries 'Our Generation'.

It's a girly brand of 46cm dolls with lots of mostly pink yet potentially interesting accessories suitable for minis or SDs. The store presently has a black horse with realistic extras, a white princessy horse, a pastel bath tub, a blue and beige scooter with a leather seat, a glamorous heart-shaped hairdresser chair and a sofa-bed with cushions and blankets. There might be other stuff as well, but I didn't notice.

Everything is 25% off this week, too, so guess who brought a dark equine friend home? =^_^=

Note: if you wanna remove paint from a black plastic horse, DON'T use Windsor & Newton's paintbrush cleaner. Especially if you're half-drunk. Trust me, the euphoria will not prevent the plastic from reacting to that nasty stuff.
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