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Tutorial #01

we will be going from this to this using photoshop 7 (PS7)

the original picture i used

01.Open and crop your picture. Sharpen your image, Filter>>Sharpen>>Unsharp Mask [settings]

02. Now we have our base.

03. Duplicate your base, set it to Screen at 100%

04. Duplicate your base again, set it to Soft Light at 100%

05. Create New Layer, using your Ploygonal Lasso Tool select the area in the bottom left corner. make it look like its been kinda ripped.

06. We want the selected area to be white so go to Edit>>Fill>> Select White from the drop down menu [settings]

07. Create New Layer, with your Fill Bucket Tool selected, fill the new layer in with #07164C, set it to Exclusion at 100%

08. Copy/Paste this texture made by xgraphicjunkie, set it to Darken at 100%

09. I used a tinytext set made by colorfilter and a default X brush, just to finish it off.

Icon was originally posted here.

I'd love to see what you all come up with!

Tags: riot_girl's icons, the killers, tutorial
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